The unique selling point of the new MacBook Pro is “Touch Bar”. Touted as a major feature designed to bring about the revolutionary change in the way we use a laptop, the OLED panel has impressed both the detractors and fans.

In an interview given to YouTube tech reviewer Marques Brownlee, Apple senior vice president of software engineering Craig Federighi has stressed that the new MBP’s Touch Bar has immense potential for developers.

MacBook Pro Touch Bar

MacBook Pro Touch Bar has Enormous Potential for Developers: Craig Federighi

Q: “Why now? Why 2016 for us to arrive at the Touch Bar?”

A: A lot of it came together in terms of the technology being just right to really pull this off in this kind of form factor — such as Touch ID and the quality of the display. We wanted it to feel just completely native to the keyboard and completely real — and be so responsive. We were able to take so much that we’ve learned in the hardware for iOS devices — and even so much of the security model of iOS, like for Touch ID — and incorporate some of our custom silicon to make it happen. A lot of things had to come together to make this possible. It’s exciting to finally have it out.

Q: “Similar to Touch ID in the iPhone, Touch Bar will get better with time, right? What are you most looking forward to seeing, maybe in a year from now, when we have these and developers get their hands on it? What kind of stuff should we expect to see?”

A: What’s been really awesome is that we’ve brought some developers in over the past month – and we just showed a small subset of the ones that had come in and already started doing work – and they have a lot of great ideas. Look at djay Pro. It’s so exciting when we develop a product and we have a vision of what we can do with it with our apps. We know inherently this is a device with so much potential because it’s just a versatile Multi-Touch display. When you get it in the hands of these developers and it’s like, “we didn’t think of that, but that’s just awesome.”

I’m really excited about what we’ve seen so far. I think, of course, a lot of people will do buttons and sliders, but I think there will be this next wave where people say, “hey, this is like custom hardware.” You can create the control that supports the best mechanic for whatever it is you want to do in your app, whether that’s a game doing something really novel or music, which is so awesome for those kind of real-time capabilities. It’s going to be great, but I’m really excited about how fast it’s already happening. I think day one, you get one of these, and it’s going to be great.

Touch Bar is a marvelous Multi-Touch strip of glass. It provides system level as well as app specific controls. Check out this post to find out the MacBook Pro Touch Bar functions.

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