Apple is all set to introduce the most noteworthy overhaul of the MacBook Pro lineup in the last four years. The next-gen notebook is reported to be thinner and flaunt several noteworthy features.

The upcoming laptop is expected to arrive with touchscreen strip along the top of the keyboard, which will function as per need in accordance with the current task or application. Moreover, it will feature Touch ID to allow users to log in using their fingerprint quickly.

MacBook Pro Geared Up for Biggest Overhaul

MacBook Pro Geared Up for Most Significant Overhaul in 4 Years

The new MacBook pro will come with a smaller footprint than the existing models and the casing will have shallower curves around the edges. The pressure-sensitive trackpad will be a bit wider.

“The new top-of-the-line MacBook Pros will be slightly thinner than the current models but are not tapered like the MacBook Air and latest 12-inch MacBook, one of the people said. The new MacBook Pros have a smaller footprint than current models and the casing has shallower curves around the edges. The pressure-sensitive trackpad is also slightly wider, the person added.” – Bloomberg.

The report added that there will be an option for a version boasting of a much higher performance graphics chip from Advanced Micro Devices Inc.

“An option for a version featuring a higher-performance graphics chip from Advanced Micro Devices Inc. will be available, another person familiar with the matter said. It’s unclear which provider Apple will use for the main processor, but Intel Corp. has supplied this in the past.”

As of now, the tech giant uses one of AMD’s “Polaris” graphics chips since the design is equipped to provide the power efficiency as well as the thinness required to fit inside the thinner Apple notebook. The new graphics card is reported to be more 20 percent slimmer than its predecessor.

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