Last month, it had been reported that the upcoming MacBook Pro will come with OLED Bar and Touch ID support. Being a wild rumor, we didn’t give much significance to it.

But now, there is enough evidence to suggest that these two exciting features are, most likely, all geared up to come with the forthcoming MacBook Pro.

MacBook Pro to Feature OLED Touch Bar and Touch ID Support

MacBook Pro to Feature OLED Touch Bar and Touch ID Support

On Apple’s API differences web page, a number of new resources hint at the upcoming features that may arrive with the next-gen Mac. And to much surprise to everyone, OLED Bar and Touch ID support seem to be all set to embrace the upcoming MacBook Pro; primarily based on the resources.

There are several resources that hint at the potential OLED Bar. As for example, “kHIDUsage_LED_DoNotDisturb” which appears to suggest a dedicated LED Do Not Disturb button. As of now, Mac users can access Do Not Disturb button from the Notifications pane. However, the rumored OLED touch will have a special touch button for this feature.

Besides, there are new resources having “kHIDUsage_LED” title which indicate fast-forward, play, pause, rewind as well as power functions which are currently found in the function row of keys. The touch bar is expected to replace the function row of keys.

There is another “kHIDUsage_LED_NightMode” resource that seems to indicate dark mode, Do Not Disturb, and/or Night Shift. Moreover, there are references to indicate biometric input device taps which appear to indicate the Touch ID support to the upcoming Mac.

Looking back in the past, iOS 7 beta featured a hidden biometric resource which had indicated the arrival of fingerprint recognition on iPhone.

A quite similar resource has been found out in the just announced macOS Sierra. There is another resource USB 3.1 that suggests the support for “USB Super Speed+.”

The latest OS of Mac boasts of a number of defining features such as Siri and the ability to unlock your Mac using Apple Watch. Nevertheless, the option to unlock Mac with the use of Touch ID would be really handy.

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