MacBook Keyboard is Not Working? Here’s the Troubleshooting Guide

MacBook comes with its luxurious look and some amazing set of features that never fade away. Apple has gained enough trust to date with all the Mac models but eventually, it’s a system and there will be a few issues in hardware if not software. And the most common issue faced by a lot of Mac users is that their Macbook keyboard isn’t working at times.

So if you’re one of them whose Macbook keyboard is not working, you’ve arrived at the right place. We’ve got the best possible solutions to get it sorted. Before we get you the fixes for this problem, you must know why it’s not working and what’s the reason behind the same.

Why is Your MacBook Keyboard Not Working?

Did you ever notice that MacBook keyboards are slimmer as compared to other laptops? The reason – Mac keyboards come with a different design – Apple butterfly-like keyboard. And due to this design, if any dust particle or dirt goes beneath the keyboard, it can result in keyboard problems. If this is the case, you need to get it done with an authorized Apple dealer and if not, follow the troubleshooting guide to fix keyboard not working on the Mac issue.

How to Fix MacBook Keyboard Not Working Problem

Of course, not all these fixes might work for you as different Macs have different issues. But there’s nothing wrong giving it a try as you may save a few hundred dollars or more with these troubleshooting tips. So make sure you try each one of them until your Mac keyboard gets working. Here you go!

Quick Access:

Solution #1. Clean the Keyboard (Be Careful) of MacBook

As mentioned earlier, dust particles in the keyboard may cause such problems with your MacBook or MacBook Pro. So you need to clean Mac’s keyboard with compressed air along with a straw to limit the airflow. And the giant Apple itself recommends you to clean your keyboard this way. But you need to do it with care as more air flow could result in damaging your keyboard.

So it’s recommended to follow this method if you’re sure about your cleaning skills. Else, we don’t recommend you to take a chance with this solution and instead, get it done with an expert. And if you’ve made up your mind, here’s how you can do it. Hold your Mac at a 75-degree angle and use the compressed air from left to right on the keyboard. Now do it vice-versa by rotating your laptop. Do it at least two times so that it can be cleaned to perfection.

This should most probably fix the issue and if it still pursuits, you need to try a few other tips given below.

Solution #2. Deleting Recent Apps on MacBook

It’s not all about the hardware issues or software issues but if you have recently installed an unknown app and if it’s not stable, you might face issues as well. This is not about hiding or removing the icons on desktop but completely deleting the recent apps.

To delete recent apps on your Mac, head over to Finder and click on Applications option.

Open Finder on Mac

Click on Applicaions Folder in Mac Finder

Next, drag the apps from Applications folder to Bin and then Empty Bin to permanently delete the application from your Mac.

Drag Application to Bin on Mac

Click on Empty Bin to Remove Application from Mac

Now see if the keyboard is working and if it works by chance, you might have messed up something wrong with the recently installed apps. So better try this method if the app isn’t important to you and you can install it later when needed.

Solution #3. Reset PRAM and SMC on your MacBook

PRAM (Parameter Random Access Memory) and SMC (System Management Controller) could be considered as the heart of your Mac as they handle important functions. PRAM stores core values and SMC takes care of your CPU fan, lights on Mac and keyboard as well.

Before you reset the PRAM and SMC on your Mac, ensure that you have taken a backup to an external drive and no other external devices are connected to Mac while you perform the process. Although you need not reset PRAM, you must reset both if resetting SMC alone doesn’t work. If you aren’t aware of how to do it, here’s a detailed guide on how to reset PRAM and SMC on Mac. Give it a try and see if that gets back your Mac keyboard to working condition.

Solution #4. Use an External Keyboard on MacBook

Of course, it doesn’t make sense and it might not be the best way to fix the issue but to know whether the keyboard has the issues or whether the Mac system has the issues in it, this is the best way to find it. By using an external keyboard, not only you can get the keyboard working for the time being but you can also get to know the reason behind the problem.

So use an external keyboard and see if it works. If it does, then your Mac keyboard itself is having issues and if it doesn’t, the macOS is having issues in detecting the keyboard.

Solution #5. Update macOS

After all, a simple macOS update can fix the issue within a matter of minutes. Just check if your system is running on the latest version of macOS. If not, update it right away because, at times, the updated firmware can fix the issue by itself.

Update the software on your Mac

To update your macOS, head over to System Preferences and navigate to the Software Update section. It will now automatically update the OS if there’s any pending one. This might not fix the issue for most of you but it’s working for at least a few users who have already faced such issues in the past. So there’s nothing wrong in giving it a try with this troubleshooting tip.

Summing Up…

These were some of the troubleshooting tips which might get the things sorted, at least for now. But if you face similar problems in the future, make sure you get it checked with a professional or Apple customer center itself.

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So, did these fixes solve the issue of the MacBook keyboard not working? Share your feedback with us in the below comment section.

MacBook Keyboard Not Working

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MacBook Keyboard Not Working
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