Mac OS X Mavericks Features Finder Tabs, Tags & Multiple Displays

At the WWDC 2013, as expected, a new version of Mac OS X was released. Called OS X Mavericks, the new OS X system offers some interesting features and performance upgrades that reduce the CPU usage by about 72%.

Top Three OS X Mavericks Features that were highlighted:

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Finder Tabs:

  • Finder Tabs is like merging multiple windows into a single one with multiple tabs for better management. Basically something that will make handling multiple windows easier. This is Apple at its best: tweaking the little things that’ll cause a huge sea of difference in how you work with your Mac.

Tagging (for documents)

  • Tagging for documents helps you search and sort stuff better. Another new feather in OS X’s cap. Something that will be copied into other platforms soon, I guess.

Multiple Displays (built-in support):

  • With OS X Mavericks, you now get built-in multiple display support. This will be something totally useful for power users with multiple monitors wired in their offices / workstation.

CPU Upgrades:

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  • 72% less CPU activity
  • There was some talk about compressed memory. Leads to up to 15x faster boot compared to Mountain Lion. That’s a huge step forward.

The All New Safari
Some huge improvements have been made in Safari. Craig seems to have breezed through the specs but the gist is, Safari is now far better and powerful than both Chrome and Firefox. Further:

  • Much deeper Twitter integration (Walt Mossberg remarked, according to The Verge, that this feature makes Safari more like a limited Twitter app).
  • Besides Twitter, there’s LinkedIn too. Everything in the sidebar: you’ve got Reading Lists, Bookmarks and everything.

Better, Powerful Notifications:
How about some quick-reply like features for your Notifications on the OS X? Well, Mavericks seems to be able to handle that. You can take actions on Notifications right from there. This is particularly powerful because you no longer have to switch to a particular app to take an action on a notification. Yes, it’s been there but it’s even more powerful if the screens are to be believed.

iCloud Keychain:
Taking iCloud’s ability to sync and store data between devices further, Apple announced something called the iCloud Keychain: basically it stores your passwords to the cloud so you can use them from anywhere. There are auto-prompts in Safari too and the iCloud keychain can be extended to save credit card information also. (except of course the CVV)

Calendar: Skeuomorphism Gone, Flat is In
The new Calendar – which includes some pretty interesting integration with Maps and stuff – is now redesigned to lose the leather skins and the skeuomorphisms. It’s flat and more color-vibrant and subtle in many ways.

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Maps: Gorgeous Looking Maps Brought to OS X
One interesting surprise on OS X Mavericks is the Maps app. At the WWDC 2013, the Maps app previewed 3D flyover of Paris and it looked absolutely gorgeous. In Maps, you can push Directions to other devices (iOS included) via the cloud.

iBooks Comes to the Mac
And finally, one great piece of software developed for iOS comes to OS X. iBooks will now be available for OS X users too, with some very realistic book-reading features.

Dhvanesh Adhiya
Dhvanesh Adhiya is the founder and editor-in-chief who takes care of audio, visual, and textual contents uploaded on He is passionate about wonderful apps that change the way your iPhone interacts in your life.
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