Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts: Use Your Mac Like Pro

It becomes really easy to work on Mac when you know the keyboard shortcuts. Instead of going through the lengthy steps of doing the custom process on your Mac, you can carry out your task in a quick time using shortcuts. Time to maximize your user experience on Mac OS X Yosemite.

Though it’s very simple to know keyboard shortcuts, most new Mac users may find a bit difficult to get along with them. Initially, you won’t be able to remember hundreds of shortcuts and even forget to apply them efficiently. However, once you would use them for a few days, they would become your go-to options and let you complete your task like a pro. That’s for sure!

Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac OS X

Mac OS X Menu Symbol

Mac Command KeyCommand/Apple Key (it is also written as Cmd)

Mac Options KeyOption (like Alt on a PC)

Mac Shift keyShift

Mac Control KeyControl (Control-click = Right-click)

Mac Tab KeyTab

Mac Return KeyReturn Key

Enter on Number Pad on MacEnter on Number Pad

Mac Eject KeyEject Key

Pageup on Mac KeyboardPage Up

Pagedown KeyPage Down

Home Key MacHome

End Key in MacEnd

Arrow Keys on MacArrow Keys

Delete Left on MacDelete Left

Delete Forrward on MacDelete Forward

Using Advanced Gestures on Mac

#1. Swipe in with two fingers from the right edge: To bring up Notification Center.
#2. Pinch with three fingers and thumb: For Launchpad.
#3. Spread three finders and thumb: To show Desktop.
#4. Four finger swipe up: For Mission Control.
#5. Four finger swipe left or right: To switch between desktops or full-screen apps.

How to Take Screenshots on Mac

Method #1. Cmd + Shift + 4: To capture the selection of the screen; simply press the spacebar to capture the window.
Method #2. Cmd + Shift + Option + 4: To capture the selection from center.
Method #3. Cmd + Shift + 3: To capture the entire screen to a file.
Method #4. Cmd + Shift + Control + 3: To capture the screen and then copy it to the clipboard

System Wise Short Cut for Mac OS X

#1. Cmd + Space bar: To show Spotlight Search
#2. Cmd + Tab / Command + Shift + Tab: To move to the next/previous apps
#3. Cmd F3: Show desktop
#4. Cmd + Tilda (`):  To switch to the next open window
#5. Cmd + Q: Quit
#6. Cmd + W:Close Window
#7. Cmd + M: Minimize Window
#8. Option + Shift + Command + Esc:To Bring up the Force Quit application menu

Finder Shortcuts on Mac OS X

#1. Cmd + Shift + N: To create a new folder
#2. Cmd + 1/2/3/4:To view as icon/list/columns/cover flow
#3. Cmd + [/]:To go to the previous/next folder
#4. Cmd + Up/Down Arrow: To navigate up/down one level
#5. Cmd + A:To select app items
#6. Cmd + Shift + A:  To open the Applications Folder
#7. Cmd + D: To duplicate selected item

Text Shortcuts for Mac OS X

#1. Cmd+Left/Right Arrow: It will take you to the beginning/end of the current line.
#2. Cmd+Up/Down: It will take you to the beginning/end of all the text which will be on the page.
#3. Alt+Up/Down: For going to the beginning/end of the paragraph.
#4. Cmd+Z: Undo.
#5. Cmd+Shift + Z: Redo.
#6. Cmd+F: Find.
#7. Cmd+Control + D: to define the highlighted word.
#8. Option+Escape: Auto complete the word that you write.
#9. Cmd+B: Bold
#10. Cmd+I: Italics
#11. Cmd+U: Underline

Mac OS X Spotlight Search Shortcuts

#1. Command-Space: To open Spotlight menu.
#2. Command-Option-Space: To open Spotlight Search window.
#3. Return: ToLaunch Top Hit (in the menu.)
#4. Cmd-click item or press Cmd- return: To reveal selected item in finder.
#5. In Spotlight/Find Window: Press Cmd-R.
#6. Cmd up/down arrow: Too skip the first result in a category.
#7. Just type the word in Spotlight menu’s search field and then hit Cmd-L to look it up – To look up the definition of a particular word.
#8. Esc to do another search : To Clear Spotlight Search field.
#9. Esc second time closes the Spotlight menu.

Using Mission Control Shortcuts in Mac OS X

#1. Ctrl-Up Arrow: Enter Mission Control.
#2. Ctrl-Left or Right Arrow: To move to a neighbouring space or full screen app.
#3. F11: To show Desktop.
#4. F12: To show Dashboard.
#5. Ctrl-Down Arrow- view Windows in the current app.

Mac OS X Mail Shortcuts

#1. Cmd-Shift D- to send message.
#2. Cmd-R or Opt-Double click message- reply to message.
#3. Cmd-Shift- R—reply to all.
#4. Cmd-1- to go to Inbox.
#5. Cmd-2, 3- to go to other mailboxes in favorites bar.
#6. Opt-Delete—to prevent the next message from being automatically selected and marked as read

Safari Shortcuts on Mac OS X

#1. Shift-Click a link: To add to reading list.
#2. Cmd-Click a link: To open link in a new tab.
#3. Cmd-opt-shift click a link: To open link in a new window.
#4. Ctrl-Tab or Cmd-Shift Right Arrow: To switch to next tab.
#5. Ctrl-Shift Tab or Cmd-Shift-Left Arrow: To switch to previous tab.
#6. Cmd-1 through Cmd 9: To go to one of the first 9 bookmarks you want in the Bookmarks Bar (It doesn’t work on folders.)
#7. Press Escape or Cmd-Period: To cancel current find.
#8. Scroll down: Spacebar or Option-Down Arrow: To scroll by one full screen.
#9. Scroll-up: To Shift-Spacebar or Option-Up Arrow.
#10. Cmd-F, enter your search text and press; Return to move forward, Shift-Return to move backward—To move between found items

Preview Shortcuts for Mac OS X

#1. Cmd- Plus (+) or Cmd –Minus (-): To zoom In or Out.
#2. Cmd-0: To Zoom to actual size.
#3. Cmd-9: To Zoom to fit

Other Important Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac

CommandKeyboard Shortcuts
Add Selected Item to SidebarCommand+Control+T
Show View OptionsCommand+J
Show/Hide SidebarOption+Command+S
Show/Hide DockOption+Command+D
Show/Hide Status BarCommand+/
Show/Hide Tab BarShift+Command+T
Show/Hide ToolbarOption+Command+T
Turn VoiceOver On/OffCommand+F5 (fn+F5 on laptops)
Turn Zoom On/OffOption+Command+8
View Window as IconsCommand+1
View Window as ListCommand+2
View Window as ColumnsCommand+3
View Window as Cover FlowCommand+4
Move to TrashCommand+Delete
Empty TrashShift+Command+Delete
New Finder WindowCommand+N
New FolderShift+Command+N
New Smart FolderOption+Command+N
Next WindowCommand+`
Open InspectorOption+Command+I
Quick Look (at selected item)Command+Y or Spacebar
Select AllCommand+A
Show OriginalCommand+R
Close All WindowsOption+Command+W
Close WindowCommand+W
DashboardF12 (fn+F12 on laptops)
Eject DiskCommand+E
Empty TrashShift+Command+Delete
Get Info (on selected item or items)Command+I
Show Inspector (on selected item or items)Command+Option+I
Go to All My FilesShift+Command+F
Go to Applications FolderShift+Command+A
Go to DesktopShift+Command+D
Go to Home FolderShift+Command+H
Hide Current ApplicationCommand+H
Hide Other ApplicationsCommand+Shift+H
Log Out Current UserShift+Command+Q
Make AliasCommand+L
Minimize WindowCommand+M
Mission Control: All WindowsControl+Up Arrow (F3 on Apple