El Capitan

Apple named its last OS X after a vertical rock formation in Yosemite national park, California. The new OS X is somewhat similar to this vertical rocks; Mac OS X El Capitan will take your digital experience to higher altitude.

Primary focus in this new OS X is to enhance performance, stability and security. First Beta has already been released to developers on 8th June 2015, while the public Beta version was made available on 9th July 2015. The final version of OS X El Capitan is expected to be released in late 2015.

Mac OS X El Capitan

El Capitan will be having pre-installed apps, with better features and experience like never before. Stock apps like Spotlight, Mail, Photos, Safari and notes have been equipped with many new features, letting you work faster and smarter. We have highlighted key features of the new El Capitan, just have a look.

Split View
If you are tired of switching between apps, this new feature will help you a lot. Split View lets you use multiple apps on the same screen. You can now continue browsing along with working on your project. Minimize and maximize are soon going to be lost. Your Mac and OS X El Capitan are ready for multi-tasking; the question is, are you?

Find your cursor
Admit it; once in a while it happens with all of us that we lose sight of our cursor on screen. This sounds ridiculous, but if you have a loaded home screen then it is easy to lose track of your cursor. In such a case, just shake your finger on touch-pad and the cursor will enlarge, making it impossible to lose from eye sight.

Spotlight is smarter like never before, you can now ask to search for a file in local language. You will no longer need to ask in technical terms, just say it as you say in person. Spotlight has even become more flexible; you can resize as per your needs and also move to any corner of your desktop.

The Mail feature in OS X El Capitan has moved to full screen along with swipe gestures. The new swipe feature lets you manage your emails with a single swipe, same like iOS. Now you can swipe right to mark an email as read or unread and swipe left to delete. Focus more on your work rather than managing your inbox to fit your needs.

The most welcoming feature of Maps will be public transit info. Commuters travelling by public transport will now be able to locate routes, schedule and directions on Maps. You can even set your departure time along with your location and Maps will show you available mode of transports along with directions to reach your destination. Initially this facility will be available only in selected cities.

Metal is a new technology developed by Apple; this new technology enables games and apps to process their graphics requirement almost through GPU. Because of this new technology, graphics have improved by 40% and speed by 50%. Apart from that, this new technology takes the rendering load, off from the CPU that results in more efficient use of resources.

Mac OS X El Capitan is anticipated to launch around late 2015, but you can still have your hands on the public beta version available through Apple website.


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