10 Frequently Used Mac Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know to Boost Productivity

Did you know there are some awesome Mac keyboard shortcuts? If not, have a look at the list given below. This will help you work like a pro on your Mac.

There are a number of nifty features on a Mac computer which you might not know. Apple usually has some new upgrades and features on their websites, but there are many other shortcuts that can change the way we use a Mac.

Mac Keyboard shortcuts also helps you to work quickly and efficiently, as you will not depend on your cursor each and every time. Out of bunch of keyboard shortcuts, we have listed below some of the frequently used shortcuts that your should know. You might be using some of them while some might be new for you. So just have a look and note down the one you don’t know.

Frequently Used Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

10 Frequently Used Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

#1. Option+Click
First on the list is Option+Click You can use this shortcut anywhere on your Mac, which will open extra options for an app or a menu. You can also use this shortcut to force quit any app.

#2. Option+Shift+Volume Up/Down
You might have noticed that when you press the volume up or down key, it changes the volume speedily. You can control this by pressing Option+Shift+Volume Up or Down. This will reduce the speed of scrolling volume up or down, and helps to adjust volume perfectly. You can use this to control brightness as well.

#3. Command+Shift+3/4
If you want to take screenshot of a particular part of the screen, then simply press the Command+Shift+4. Now, use your cursor to select the area you wish to capture. You can capture full screen without selecting anything by pressing Command+Shift+3.

#4. Command+Options+Esc
In case any of your app starts behaving weirdly, you can press Command+Option+Esc. This will open Force Quit menu with all the apps open. Choose the app and force quit it.

#5. Command+Space
If you are in middle of an app and you need to drag an image or a file but you aren’t sure where it is, then simply press Command + Space. It will bring up Spotlight, regardless of what app you are using. Search for the file and drag it to the app you are using. Press the same shortcut again to close Spotlight.

#6. Command+Tab
It really gets hard to move between apps, especially when you have lots of apps open. Try pressing Command+Tab to move swiftly between open apps for easy access. Keep holding Command and press the tab key to navigate between apps.

#7. Command+Control+N
Now, this is a pretty nifty shortcut which helps me a lot. If you have many different files on your desktop, select them and press Command+Control+N. All the files will automatically be transferred to a new folder which you can rename easily.

#8. Command+Click
When you are in middle of an interesting article on a web page and you see a link that is equally interesting, then use Command+Click on the link. This will open the link on the browser in a new tab, without disturbing the active tab.

#9. Control+Shift+Power
If you are in middle of something really important, and you need to leave your Mac, just press Control+Shift+Power This will put your Mac on lock mode, without sending it to sleep. So, anyone trying to access your Mac will need to enter the password.

#10. Command+Shift+V
Trying to copy and paste something from the internet and ending up with a weird text format? Try pasting it with Command+Shift+V. This shortcut will remove all the formatting, making it easy for you to format it the way you want.

As we said earlier, there are many keyboard shortcuts and we might have missed few awesome ones. You can comment below to remind us and we will list it down on this page.

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