10 Mac Keyboard Shortcuts for Mail App: Easy Access To Almost All The Functions

Mail app on Mac has support for many keyboard shortcuts for easy access. We have listed 10 must use keyboard shortcuts out of them, so check them out.


There are a number of keyboard shortcuts for Mac and we have already provided frequently used Mac shortcuts. Today, we will be focusing on keyboard shortcuts you should use in Mail app on Mac OS X. These shortcuts will help you use the app much faster.

There’s no doubt that features and options of Mail app are easily accessible using the cursor, but when you are typing a mail, you’ll feel more comfortable in using a keyboard, than to raise your hand and move the mouse. Anyways, whatever may be the reason, these shortcuts will surely come in handy, and so have a look at it without fail.

Mac Mail App Shortcuts

Mac Keyboard Shortcuts for Mail App

#1. Refreshing Inbox

If you get too many emails every minute, then you should press Command+Shift+N to refresh it. This shortcut will surely ease your work a bit.

#2. Adding sender to Contacts App

There are certain times when you get an email from an unknown sender, and he is really important. To save unknown sender in Contacts app, simply press Command+Shift+Y.

#3. Report any message as Junk

Junk messages are the most annoying thing that everyone keeps receiving in their inbox. You’ll just need to press Command+Shift+J and the message will turn to Gold, which is the sign of marked as Junk.

#4. Search within the Mail app

This keyboard shortcut is widely used because we all need to search some or the other thing in the Mail app. To easily search without needing to touch the mouse, press Command+F and type your search query.

#5. Send email quickly without clicking the send button

This nifty shortcut comes in real handy when sending an urgent email. When every fraction of seconds count, don’t waste time by clicking the send button, just press Command+Shift+D after you are finished typing the mail.

#6. Quickly print an email

Whether it is minutes of a meeting or your day schedule, you just need to press Command+P on your Mac keyboard and the mail will be printed.

#7. Take Mail app in full-screen

If you are one hell of a busy Email(er), then why not give some rest to your eyes and view email in a full-screen. Just press Command+F on the keyboard and enjoy the full-screen view of Mail app.

#8. Delete all Junk email at once

Why bother deleting every single Junk email? Just press Command+Option+J and let Mac do the talking.

#9. Attach a file with keyboard shortcut

To quickly attach a file to the message you are sending, press Command+Shift+A. Look for the file and you are done.

#10. Copy Paste formatting style in an email

If you have different formatting in different paragraphs, then you can select any one of the format and press Command+Shift+C to copy that formatting style. Now select the text you wish to change the formatting and press Command+Shift+V. This won’t copy the text; rather it will just copy and paste the formatting style.

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