Mac to the Future is a huge bundle of essential software and one $500-worth OS X & Web Dev course. It’s one of the best deals you can grab – 8 elite Mac apps and 1 awesome course (total worth $961) for just $29.99. That’s right: over 95% off on a huge bundle.

The bundle comes with some of the coolest apps like Fantastical, AfterShot Pro 2, Ember, Disk Drill Pro and others. If you are a coder, you’ll find some cool tools like skEdit and Anonymizer Universal along with this resourceful OS X and Web Dev course. Read on to find out more or just click here to grab this bundle right away before it disappears.

Elite Mac Apps Bundle

What's In the Bundle?

8 Mac apps:

  • Capo 3
  • Fantastical
  • AfterShot Pro 2
  • Ember
  • Lucid
  • Anonymizer Universal
  • Disk Drill Pro 2.3
  • skEdit

1 Course Bundle:

  • OS X & Web Dev Course Bundle

The Elite Mac Apps

Capo 3 for Mac
Capo 3 for Mac lets you import your favorite songs, segment them, and learn to play by ear. You can master the riffs, chords and the notes easily. There’s a chord table for every point you pick in the spectogram. The auto-tabulature is useful too. The app won an Apple Design award for the interface.
Price: $30

Needless to say, the best calendar for Mac. Fantastical is also available for iOS so you grab this and managing schedules becomes easy.
Price: $20

AfterShot Pro 2
AfterShot Pro is a highly-acclaimed photo editing tool used by pros. The Mac app bundles features like great photo management, amazing filters and edit-tools and a great support for 64-bit processing (faster).
Price: $100

With Lucid, add animations to your website, process forms, create maps and do a lot of Javascript stuff without having to write one line of code. Absolutely no coding knowledge required (but if you do know how to read/write code, it’s a huge plus with Lucid)
Price: $53

Ember lets you capture screenshots and manage them effectively. You can organize them easily through tags and sorting. With the Ember for iOS app, you can easily sync and access the screenshots from anywhere. Also, you can subscribe to picture-based blogs right from within Ember.
Price: $50

Anonymizer Universal
Anonymizer Universal lets you surf the web discreetly, securely and in an anonymized manner. Your IP will not be leaked out. And data transfers will be secure too. This is a 1-yr subscription.
Price: $80

Disk Drill Pro 2.3
This one’s a powerful data recovery tool for the Mac. With Disk Drill Pro, you can protect your data and also recover stuff that you think is gone forever. Disk Drill really drills into the logs and grabs the files you need.
Price: $99

skEdit is a code editor and a development environment. It supports a lot of languages and integrates things like WebDAV and FTP, SFTP etc. A complete coding tool.
Price: $30

OS X & Web Dev Course Bundle
10 OS X apps in Xcode 6, 15 different coding environments, 25 in-depth courses – enough said. You’ll build games for iOS in Game Salad and Stencyl. You will also create websites in HTML, CSS, Javascript and more.
Price: $499

How Much?

The total bundle costs about $960. But we’re giving this bundle for just $29.99 at a whopping 96% discount. You will have to hurry. Sale ends shortly.

You can grab the bundle right away here.