Lynktec Bolt: Wireless Car Charger for iPhone X Series

Lynktec iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and iPhone XR Wirless Car Mount Charger

I can count on the fingers of one hand the brands that manufacture high-quality car mounts and wireless chargers. Lynktec is one of the leading names in making top-notch accessories like this Bolt car mount, which can also charge my iPhone X wirelessly. After using this mount for fifteen days, I have now come to know this is not an ordinary product you would find in the inventory of any e-commerce portal or the stacks of a nearby shopping mall.

While designing this car mount, Lynktec designers keep four things in mind: ease of function, safety, fast charging, and stability. The primary purpose of using a car mount is to hold your iPhone stable while you are driving the car. However, Lynktec adds more reasons why you should choose Bolt car mount and not others.

While you are in your car, you can quickly put aside your battery packs or power banks, which are considered as the best portable charging options. Since this car mount uses the battery of your car, it can charge your iPhone number of times. One has to accept that power banks and battery cases have their limit. A car mount is usually used in a car, but you can use this mount anywhere in your house or office if you can install it with its Dash & Windshield Mount.

The Real Smart

A real smart car mount is not the one that gets installed and removed quickly, or the one, which can fast charge your iPhone. A smart car mount can make our trip comfortable by offering intelligent features. This is where Bolt wins the battle.

Suppose you are in your car, going somewhere, and your iPhone shows the low battery. With Bolt car mount fixed in your car, you don’t need to stop your car to install your phone on the phone holder. Simply tap on the head of this mount and the side wings will open. Place your iPhone on the mount and the wings will grip your device automatically. This is the beauty of this smart product.

Charge iPhone Wirelessly with Tap

Once your iPhone is fully charged, you can remove it by tapping the head gently and the wings will open again. The miracle doesn’t end here. In case you place your phone haphazardly, the mount will automatically adjust the phone to deliver wireless charging.


There is minimum or no clutter. The design is minimalistic; at the same time, it doesn’t look overly simple. Lynktec has retained necessary elegance in this car charger. I am particularly impressed by its air vent holder, which can be installed quickly on the AC vent of your car. If you are not interested in using air vent holder, you can select windshield mount.

Lynktec Bolt Wireless Car Mount Charger for iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, and iPhone XR

At the bottom of this mount, Lynktec leaves enough space to insert USB-C cable in the port of this mount. This means you can quickly connect the cable while driving your car. Legs of this mount will not hamper your efforts to insert the cable.


Lynktec has packed this car mount with a lot of features. First, it is Qi certified fast wireless charger that quickly charges your iPhone. No matter how short the distance you have to travel, your phone will get some power so that you can use your phone app to talk to people.

Lynktec Bolt Wireless Car Charger Mount for iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, and iPhone XR

The mount is suitable for plus-sized iPhones and Samsung Note series phones also. You can adjust the stand for 4-inch to 6.7-inch. For plus-sized phones, you may have to pull the legs of this mount to install the device.

Whether you are using Maps, making/receiving video calls or watching videos on your phone, you can use portrait or landscape mode for your convenience. Simply rotate the mount by holding the side wings and adjust the mode.

Last but not least, this mount boasts 250mAh backup battery to operate this mount even as you have disconnected it from the power.

The Best Feature

Among the many excellent features, I like the automatic lock and unlock with a one-touch release. This gives you ultimate ease and comfort of charging your iPhone while you are driving. The feature ensures little distraction, and thus avoids accidents on roads.

Where can you install this mount?

Though this mount is designed to be used in your car or truck, you can use it anywhere in your office or home. Since you cannot install the air vent holder on all places, you can use windshield mount in your kitchen, desktop, or on any flat surface. Before you install the windshield mount, make sure the surface is wiped clean.

What is in the package?

Lynktec Wireless Car Mount Charger Package

I received this car mount along with dual USB car charger, a USB-C cable, and air vent holder.

Buy Now (currently unavailable.)

Your say…

One thing is for sure – this is not any other car mount with wireless charging facility. Lynktec has taken great pains to design and manufacture this smart car mount to charge your phone comfortably.

Would you like to buy this smart car mount? Share your feedback with us in the comment section.

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