Lunecase: A Smart, Fancy iPhone 5s/5 Case that “Activates” To Call/SMS

It’s not often that fancy-lights on an iPhone case turn out to be somewhat useful actually. That’s why Lunecase for iPhone 5/5s makes such an impression. Lunecase is a simple, sturdy iPhone case which fits your iPhone 5 or 5s. On the surface, it looks like a plain case: one that you can count on to protect your iPhone’s back from a brush with sharp objects, scratches and even accidental bumps or falls.

But the magic in Lunecase comes alive when you get a call or a message. The back of the case lights up and depending on whether it’s a call or a message, a different icon lights up. All of this, without any battery. Read on.

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Lunecase is just like any other simpleton case for an iPhone 5s/5. It wraps on the iPhone, covering the back completely, protecting the sides, with cutouts for the buttons… basically, the usual stuff. But where it differs is that Lunecase uses electro-magnetic radiation let off by your iPhone when it receives a call or a message.

iPhone 5s 5 Case That Activates Call SMS

Cellphones emit energy when activated by a GSM signal: that is, during a call or a message send/receive routine. It’s low energy emittance (which manufacturers try to keep reducing all the time), but the low energy is enough to activate a Lunecase. Hidden inside the case are tiny LEDs that activate when your iPhone begins emitting energy. Depending on the value of this energy, different LEDs light up, showing an icon: the phone icon when you receive/make a call or the SMS icon when you receive an SMS.

Lunecase iPhone 5s 5 Case That Activates Call SMS

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Fancy as it sounds, the Lunecase can actually be quite helpful. You get to know if there’s a call or a message just by keeping the iPhone face-down even if it’s completely silenced/on vibrate. The other speculated benefits are that the phone could be cooler when you are on a long call because the excess energy is used up.

Arguably, Lunecase looks like a fancy thing if you’re going to be putting down your silenced iPhone face-down all the time. But knowing that all the EM energy is actually consumed might make some difference.

Lunecase is currently a Kickstarter project.

Expected Shipping: August 2014.

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Expected Cost: $35 – $50. (if you happen to pledge $29, you get to be an early bird. You’ll receive an Early Bird Lunecase for iPhone 5s / 5 or 5c.)

Case Compatibility: iPhone 5s/5 and iPhone 5c.

Note: the case works ONLY with the GSM version of iPhone.


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