Low Power Mode Not Available on iPad in iOS 9: No Solution Till Now

Low Power Mode option is not there on iPads, and this has caused worry in the minds of iPad owners as this feature is important one for all iPhone and iPad users.

For any smartphone lover, battery life is as important as his own life. Though this statement sounds hyperbolical, you can understand the value of your iPhone’s battery life during an emergency; there are moments when you are away from an iPhone charger, and you don’t have any other option to charge the battery of iPhone.

Thankfully, Apple has introduced a Low Power Mode feature in its latest iOS 9 release. And iDevice users accepted this as one of the best features ever announced by Apple in any iOS.

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Low Power Mode Not Available on iPad in iOS 9

But this is not the end of the Battery Life Saga. There is a twist in the story. Of late, we have noticed that many iPad users have come up with a problem: Low Power Mode not available on iPad Air 1, iPad mini 2, iPad Air 2 and most of the other iPads.

As many comments poured on our post on how to enable low power mode in iOS 9 on iPhone and iPad, we took this problem and started some research.

We asked our developer friends too about this issue, but they are also clueless about this. Surprisingly, there isn’t any update on Apple’s community.

Hence, if you are an iPad owner and facing this problem, have some patience until there is any solution.

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Normally, iPhones and iPads have similar features saving a few minor differences; but this could be a major problem as the entire feature is missing from iPad.

Let’s hope for the quick answer from the experts sitting in Cupertino! Do share your feedback with us in the comment, on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

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