Everyone hangs around with a smartphone these days. Apple’s iPhone alone runs some spectacular numbers with smartphone usage. And with your iPhone around, you can actually spread love technologically.

May be it sounds lame to some of you but folks behind the LovePowerup app have built an app with a heart.

LovePowerup is not the usual app you get to see on the App Store. It’s not a game, it’s not a productivity app, it’s not something to do with more tech. It’s about sharing love. It’s about sending and receiving love from strangers across the globe – and we’re all connected in some way or the other.

LovePowerup has one simple purpose: send and receive love. At its core, this might seem childish (and it is) but it might appeal to you. It does, to me.

Lovepowerup iPhone App

What you can do with the app is two things: you can send love to someone who’s asked for it and you can receive love when you feel like it. Someone from some corner of the globe sends love and you receive it. And vice-versa.

At a time when most of us are busy with tech things – Cydia tweaks, how to change some setting, the best apps for productivity etc. – here comes a small app that basically does no technical stuff but appeals to the innate feeling we’ve born with: love.

LovePowerup doesn’t come with fancy features but the app sure is fancy in its interface and the way it works. A beautiful dark neon-ish world map springs up and live connections are shown (like where love is being spread, shared, received etc.). You just have to get started by signing up. Optionally you can connect to the social networks too and get your friends on board.

Somehow, I couldn’t miss seeing the tech behind the app. Real-time displays are awesome, the interface is cool and the overall app is a breeze to use. Simple actions like tap and swipe do the work. Overall, it’s a simple app that tugs at your love strings. The app is free by the way.

Download LovePowerup