Loop Straitjacket iPhone 6 Case: Out Of The Box Wallet Case

The iPhone 6 has been the most popular iPhone ever made by Apple. From having incredibly sleek profile to attractive design, Apple’s latest iPhone iteration has packed in everything that an iPhone user would ask for. To match the exclusive look of the iPhone 6 and be able to add a dashing profile to it has been the most difficult task for accessory makers. Though tons of iPhone 6 cases have arrived with never-seen-before technology as well as stunning features, they haven’t quite matched the iPhone.

Loop Straitjacket for iPhone 6 has come up with more appealing design that can make an exclusive pair with the newest iPhone. Made to enhance the user experience besides letting the iPhone shine through the case, Loop seems to have embraced the style of the phone beautifully. Here is more.

Loop Straitjacket Case for iPhone 6

Out Of The Box Wallet Case

Loop has a striking design that strives to let your iPhone 6 glow to its best. The straitjacket can hold a couple of cards. The out of the box wallet case keeps your cards fully secured. Just slip the cards inside its straitjacket and they will remain stuck there. When needed, you can quickly take the cards out without any hassle.

Loop iPhone 6 Wallet CaseUnlike other wallet cases, Loop has come up with its own kind of card slots that make it stand out. Elegant as it looks, it’s sure to make an all new fashion statement.

High Gloss Bumper

The high gloss bumper not only protects the iPhone from accidental bumps but also adds style to it. With soft interior lining that is capable of safeguarding your iPhone from scratch or impact, the bumper has got not just the look but also the quality.

The case features raised front bezel that keeps the screen of your phone above surface while lying flat. As a result, the screen of your phone too has got the needed protection from any drop or fall.

Comfortable Usability

This case provides comfortable access to the switches, ports and camera of your iPhone. You wouldn’t have to go through any difficulty while using your phone with the case on. There are so many cases which don’t provide easy access to buttons and hence users have to press hard switches or buttons which are covered by the case.

Loop doesn’t come in the way of letting you use your iPhone with great comfort. If convenience is what you are looking for, then you are assured to have it.

The Bottom-line

Loop may not charm you if you wish to have an old school wallet case. However, if you no longer want to have bulky cases which don’t allow your iPhone to express itself, then you will instantly be charmed with its slim profile.

The lightweight appearance with easy-to-go style is the most selling point of Loop that seems to work elegantly. You may call it an effortless, casual case that lets your iPhone 6 be its real self.

Again, the price ($34.95) may seem to be a bit too much at first glance for this slim case. But, when you make it a pair with your iPhone and see the enhanced appeal of your iPhone 6, you do have a feeling that it does provide a good value to your money.

Buy it from LoopAttachment.com.