Looking Ahead: Why I’m Already Waiting for iPhone 8

Seeing the awesome features that are all geared up to arrive with the iPhone 8, I have already started waiting for it.

Even before iPhone 7 could arrive, both fans and tech universe seem to have given it a cold shoulder. With very few all-new features to show off (based on rumors), the next-gen iPhone simply hasn’t been able to create the massive euphoria that iPhone 6 had stormed in its favor.

Following the record decline in iPhone sales in the last quarter, experts have been predicting a rather gloomy 2016 for the upcoming flagship smartphone. While the powerhouse China is reeling under enormous inflation, the huge influx of Android smartphones with extravagant features and specs are making it extremely tough for the tech giant to breathe without any concern.

iPhone 8 Concept Image

Why I’m Already Waiting for iPhone 8

Unlike before, iPhone is no longer as mighty in America and Europe as before. As per the recent data, Android has continued to take the lion’s share in the global market. iOS market share seems to have got stuck at around 20% for a long time.

In such a desperate situation, Apple must once again reinvent the phone that reinvented the phone nine years ago. Though iPhone owners still have unflinching loyalty towards their smartphone, their penchant for a feature-rich handset has enormously grown up in recent time. That’s why; every time Apple has brought exciting changes to its phone, it has clicked big time.

Whether it’s the example of iPhone 4 or 6, people just couldn’t stop themselves from buying the handset as it came with the fresh design. With the iPhone 8 reported to come loaded with a new concept, the attention towards the iPhone 7s or 7s Plus has already been shifted. It is definitely great news for the iPhone 8 model, but it doesn’t augur well for the upcoming handset, does it?

Edge-to-Edge Display

If rumor mills are anything to go by, the iPhone 8 will have an edge-to-edge display. The bezel-free device will be simply awesome; considering the hailstorm it has already started off.

The ultra-large display will certainly, in all probability, steal everyone’s heart. The one who is just done with the ever iconic home button and wishes to get rid of it will really enjoy a novel experience.

Front-Facing Camera and Fingerprint Scanner Embedded on the Screen

Come the brand new iPhone 7s and you will have a front-facing camera and the fingerprint scanner embedded on the screen. It would indeed be interesting to see how users will take them on and most significantly; how convenient the new functionality will be.

Honestly speaking, the thought of embracing yet another advanced technology has already kept me waiting for it.

Why I’m Already Game for 2017 iPhone

Having used the same design for about two years, my desperation to buy something thrilling is quite natural. Seeing various Android smartphones with fabulous specs, I really feel a bit more jealous than ever before.

All I want is my iPhone must be able to compete with any other flagship smartphones in every single aspect including industry-first design, most powerful RAM, unmatched camera and more. Everything that has to come five years from now must be first available on the iPhone. High time it became leader yet again…!

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