LockFlavors is one of the most perfect tweaks ever that gives you gorgeous-looking lockscreen theme. It is most unconventional in that it changes the lockscreen appearance.

There’s a bunch of ‘flavors’ to choose from and each one is as gorgeous as the other.

The iOS 7 fever is warming up as we near the official launch of a device running iOS 7 but the jailbreak enthusiasm is probably still intact only to be reinforced with tweaks like LockFlavors.

LockFlavors Cydia Tweak

If you’ve ever wanted to customize the lockscreen, Winterboard has always been the first option. However, there’s only so much that can be changed through generic themes. LockFlavors aims to change that completely by focusing only on the lockscreen.

LockFlavors is a Cydia tweak that works independently of Winterboard. Yes, this is not a Winterboard theme. Rather, LockFlavors is a separate tweak in itself and works like an app.

With LockFlavors installed, you can change how your lockscreen looks and kind of personalize it more than what a normal Winterboard theme does.

Here are some features:

  • LockFlavors installs itself as an app so you don’t have to tweak it from within Settings
  • It doesn’t use Winterboard so for those who’re speculative about Winterboard can just freely use LockFlavors
  • The tweak lets you change slider knobs, fonts, slider tracks, the background and more. It’s a wholesome tweak, so to speak.

Unfortunately, LockFlavors doesn’t yet support iPhone 5 so folks using the most advanced smartphone from Apple will have to wait it out. For the rest, LockFlavors is on BigBoss repo and is available for $1.99.

The tweak should work fine with most other LS tweaks like IntelliScreenX or LockInfo but it might cause issues if you use interface-modifying tweaks for the LS.