At a time when there are tweaks like Grabby which do pretty much the same thing as LockBar Settings Lite, the only reason to write about it is it’s a tweak with immense potential to become a powerful one.

LockBar Settings Lite puts four Settings toggles (out of a possible six) under the ‘Slide to Unlock’ bar. Yeah, yeah, I get it: the ‘slide to unlock’ has been used up a lot by tweak developers but believe me, LockBar Settings is different.

First off, it has been developed brilliantly. I mean, Grabby was okay but the smoothness of the transition in LockBar Settings Lite is truly amazing. All you do is either swipe up or double-tap the slider bar. There’s space enough for four settings toggles. Yes, only four but you can actually configure them from Settings. Right now, there are six available toggles out of which, you can place four.

Lockbar Settings Lite Cydia Tweak

Why LockBar Settings Lite is Better
LockBar Settings Lite is actually better than most other tweaks of late because of one particular reason: it’s not a bloat tweak. No additional features, no extra baggage: all that there is, is perfect.

A tweak looks and works great when it’s implemented correctly. LockBar Settings Lite is one of those tweaks. I mean, some tweaks have slightly ugly animations and some go unresponsive often. LockBar Settings Lite hits the nail on the head, perfectly. It’s smooth and not rugged anywhere.

This is where LockBar Settings Lite begins to show serious limitations. But I’m guessing that the reason there’s a ‘Lite’ in the name is because the developer is releasing a paid version of the tweak which has more features. Anyway, LockBar Settings Lite could’ve put more important and useful settings toggles like Cellular data, Power but these are the only options you have for the moment:

  • Airplane
  • Bluetooth
  • Flashlight
  • Location
  • Respring
  • Wi-fi

I think that more settings toggles will be added but I’m not sure if these will be available as a free download.

Nevertheless, LockBar Settings is a great tweak. Settings toggles are now getting much closer to you right on the lockscreen.