And finally, we’ve one of the first lockscreen customization tweaks out for iOS 7. Lock Screen Tool is a Cydia tweak aimed to do two things: edit the ‘slide to unlock’ text and hide the camera button on lockscreen.

Simple as it is, this is one of the most-sought-after features in every iOS: the ability to customize the text on the lockscreen slider. In fact, lockscreen slider customization has always been one of my favorites.

Lock Screen Tool is compatible with all iPhones, iPod Touchs and iPads running all versions of iOS 7 till 7.0.4. If you have a jailbroken iDevice, make sure you get this free tweak which is available on the BigBoss repo.

Change the Slider Text on Lockscreen on iOS 7 using Lock Screen Tool Cydia Tweak

This Cydia tweak comes with a few settings to configure (access the settings by opening the Settings app -> Lock Screen Tool). Let’s take a look at what these are. Accompanying image shows the features.

  • Show Text on the lock screen is a toggle switch. Turn this off if you don’t want any text shown on the lockscreen. You can still swipe to unlock the screen and get to the apps.

Lock Screen Tool Cydia Tweak for iOS 7

  • Write Text is where you customize the text for the slider. You can type anything here – just make sure you don’t add emojis. Don’t look good.
  • Hide Button is another toggle switch which hides the camera. In our tests, the first few times, we had to respring once we toggled the switch. (Used the popular SwitchSpring to respring quickly).

That’s about all the features that Lock Screen Tool offers.

Thankfully, this is a free tweak and it works fine on iPhones and iPads. (Should work good on iPod Touch too). A7-devices won’t be supported till the tweaks get updated to support the new chip.

Lock Screen Tool is available on BigBoss. It’s free.

Alternatively, if you just want to remove the “slide to unlock” text, there’s a new tweak called Simplock (ModMyi, free). Simplock removes the slider text so it’s a clean lockscreen that you get. You can still slide anywhere to unlock the screen.

  • Alif Aikal Che Hat

    i really cant find it

    • Go to Cydia -> Changes -> Refresh (top button) and then search for
      “Lock Screen Tool”” We just double-checked. It’s available on BigBoss.

  • eren

    i cant find it

  • gunga

    where do i find the settings for this?

    • It’s in the settings app. You’ll find it in the Settings app. There should be a “Lock Screen Tool.” under the list.