There is a music control already on the lockscreen. When you double-press home button, the lockscreen clock gives way to the music controls.

But what if you could control music with just gestures on the lockscreen? Swipe left/right or up/down and you should be able to switch between songs, control the volume and play/pause.

While you can do that with Activator, it’s a tedious process. I mean, you will have to set actions for different gestures on the Lockscreen via Activator. Good idea, yes, but what if there’s a tweak that adds this functionality automatically?

Lock Music Cydia Tweak

That’s where Lock Music comes in.

Lock Music is a Cydia tweak that lets you control music playback through gestures on the lockscreen. Basically, this is what you can do:

  • Swipe left/right on the lockscreen for previous/next track
  • Swipe up/down for volume control
  • Double-tap on the screen to play/pause

That’s it. This is about all the tweak does and in its simplicity, it’s quite powerful.

Lock Music is a light-weight tweak. There is nothing to configure.

The gestures are pretty intuitive. If you’ve used gestures like up/down slide in Activator, you should easily be able to associate the up/down slide with volume. Same with advancing to the next track or going back to previous tracks. One disadvantage of the gesture-based control is that you can’t fast-forward songs. There’s only skipping to the next/previous track.

Where does this come in handy?

Mostly if you find yourself frequently changing tracks or using the volume button. Instead of using the physical buttons, you can use swipe gestures. Frankly, double-pressing the home button every time you want to control the music from the lockscreen is one of the main reasons why that home button goes berserk.

Lock Music is a free tweak on MacCiti (default repo on Cydia).