Location-based reminders aren't new to the iPhone. We've had these since iOS 5 although Apple's implementation of that in the Reminders app means there's a lot of limitation.

And if you're like me, you're going to hunt down apps from the store to find out if there are apps which will add to this functionality. Oh yeah there are plenty of such apps and while most of them are mediocre implementations, some of them stand out.

One of those is Location Alerts for iPhone. It's from the same developer who brought you Future Scheduler – a time-based action app which will send texts, emails, make phone calls on a future time/date that you choose.

Location Alerts iPhone App

The Location Alerts does the same thing but it's triggered based on location. As simple as it sounds, the usage, usability, functionality and the overall experience is really simple and elegant.

The basic functionality is pretty easy to figure out:

  • Type in the location first
  • Select the alert type
  • Select the contact you want to message/text/voice message
  • Select the time (if it's a reminder/action you'll need to repeat again)
  • Save

Location Alerts for iPhone

The app is actually fantastic. But there's a huge problem.

Download Location Alerts

Location Alerts App for iPhone

Using the app is a costly affair.

First off, it's not your 99cent app. It's about $2.
Secondly, there's a caveat. Like Future Scheduler, there's a cap of 5 uses / schedules and you'll need to make the hefty in-app purchase if you want to use it more.

Interestingly though, using the app efficiently can hook you into it. I mean, it's a reminder app that's smart to remind you things not just at a particular time but at a particular location. And it's not just a reminder but it's an automation: you send text messages automatically when you leave office, reach home or near a rendezvous; you send voice alerts when you reach a place; and you can remind yourself to buy a carton of milk when you are near the grocery.

There aren't many interesting apps on the store that come with as much ease of use that Location Alerts does but then, that comes at a price.

Download Location Alerts

Reminders app on your iPhone (iPad/iPod Touch) can actually be a stripped-down alternative. But for the automation (which Location Alerts promises), there's everything else. I mean, you're just going to set up a reminder (Text John, Call Mom) and then turn ON ‘Remind Me At a Location' and you're set.