Locate AirPods Using “Find My AirPods” on iPhone in iOS 10.3

Using "Find My AirPods" on iPhone in iOS 10.3 is straightforward. Quickly find out the last known location of your AirPods and even play a loud sound to locate them easily.

iOS 10.3 has some neat features including “Find My AirPods,” which allows users to locate their lost or misplaced AirPods. In terms of functionality, it works very much like “Find My iPhone“.

If you ever, unfortunately, lose your AirPods during your workouts or misplace them somewhere at your home, Find My AirPods would help you locate them. There is also an option to play a high pitch sound on the earphones in order to find them a bit easily.

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How to Use Find My AirPods on iPhone

How to Use “Find My AirPods” in iOS 10.3 on iPhone

Note: Find My AirPods works as part of Find My iPhone app. It tracks the last known location where the wireless earphones were connected to your device via Bluetooth. (You may want to read– How to Find iPhone Using Apple Watch By Lighting up the iPhone Flash).

Step #1. Launch Find My iPhone app on your iOS device.

Open Find My iPhone App on iDevice

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Step #2. Next, you need to log into your account using your Apple ID and passwords.

Sign in to Find My iPhone on iDevice

Step #3. Now, you should see all of your iCloud-enabled devices. Locate AirPods and tap on them.

Tap on AirPods in Find My iPhone

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Step #4. Next up, you should see the last known location of your AirPods on the map.

    • If AirPods are circled in gray they are no longer connected to any of your devices. You can now go to that location and locate the earphones.

Gray Color of AirPods in Find My iPhone

    • Tap on the Actions button at the bottom and then tap on the Car icon in order to have the driving direction of the last known location of your AirPods.

Locate AirPods in Find My iPhone on iDevice

Play a Sound to Locate the Lost or Misplaced AirPods

Just in case, your AirPods are circled in green in the Find My iPhone app, they are still connected to your iPhone or other devices.

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Step #1. Simply tap on the Actions button at the bottom of the bottom center of the screen.

Tap on Actions in AirPods in Find My iPhone

Step #2. Next, tap on the Play Sound button. Now, your AirPods will start playing a loud sound.

Tap on Play Sound in Find My AirPods on iPhone

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If you have lost only one AirPod, you can mute left or right AirPod.

Mute AirPods Sound from Find My iPhone

Follow the direction of the sound (If you hear it) to locate your AirPods.

Step #3. After you have found the wireless earphones, tap on Stop Playing button.

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Stop Playing Sound for Misplaced AirPods

That’s all there is to it!

It’s a well-timed feature. If you are concerned about losing your AirPods, check out these best AirPods straps and AirPods carrying cases to offer more security to them.

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