Live Interior 3D Standard Edition is the ultimate tool for home owners and interior designers to create complete 3D models from simple 2D floor plans. It’s usually a $30 Mac app but just for our readers here, you get the app for $14.99 (a flat 50% off for a limited time).

It’s ranked #8 on the Mac app store’s Graphics & Design category. It’s one of the coolest tools that anyone can use, including people with no background in design. A simple drag-n-drop and you’ve designed a complete 3D model of your dream home. Grab the Live Interior 3D Standard Edition from here.

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The Best, Simplest Interior 3D Designer. Hands Down.

What we really loved about Live Interior 3D is that it’s so simple to get started. If you’re looking to design your dream home or renovate an existing one, all it takes to get started is a 2D floor plan. You can draw the floor plan right there in the program.

You don’t have to be an interior designer or an architect to work with the app. Anyone can use this – it’s so simple.

2D Floor Plan to 3D Models In No Time

Once you create the basic floor plan, you start adding furniture. And it’s all available in templates so you don’t have to create anything. Thousands of ready-made templates for all kinds of furnishing are built right into the app.

What’s even more interesting is that you once you are done adding all the 2D elements, the app will automatically render them in 3D and build the entire 3D model for you! No complications here.

Build the 2D floor plan, and the app will render it in picture-perfect 3D.

Customize To Your Heart’s Content

Live Interior 3D lets you customize down to the very minutest detail you can think of. Add the exact type of furniture you envision, customize its color or pattern, modify the lighting of your room, preview all items in 3D before placing them in your room etc.

You can also go back to the 2D floor plan to make modifications and render them back in 3D without having to redo everything.

Tons of Export Options

If you’re an interior designer working for some client, you can show the client a live walk-through video of all your interior design ideas almost instantly. (the live walk-through also comes with options to share on YouTube or Vimeo etc.)

The fact that the software is so easy that anyone can start designing their dream home makes it one of the coolest apps on the Mac App Store.

It sells for $30 usually. But, for a limited time only, you can get the Live Interior 3D Standard Edition for just $14.99. Hurry up!

Grab Live Interior 3D for just $14.99 here.

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