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iGBAppsLiquid Avatar iOS app: Create avatars and protect your data

Liquid Avatar iOS app: Create avatars and protect your data

We live in an era where identity thefts have become standard practice. It’s important than ever to secure your online presence. While you can always rely on a digital locker or privacy options, Liquid Avatar blends them all and offers a unique, more wholesome solution!

The app provides space to create your digital identity that can be virtually shared without risking your privacy. Read along to find more about the app. 

What is Liquid Avatar, and how it works on iPhone?

Liquid Avatar is your encrypted online profile, secured by biometric (facial recognition) and Blockchain-based technology. This allows you to share what you need to at minimal risk.

Once you open the app, it asks you to create a personalized digital avatar (select your look from hair to face, skin color, and more) and authenticates the profile with your face ID, stored in the app’s server. Now, every time you want to log in, your face authentication is necessary.

You can link your social profiles like Twitter to avatar. Moreover, there is no limitation on the number of avatars. You can create one for professional life, another for social media, etc. Thus, giving you complete freedom to create one for different personalities and share limited data simply by selecting the relevant avatar.

What is Liquid Avatar, and how it works on iPhone?

But how does it help you? Let’s take a look at the key features of the app. 

How fluid is Liquid Avatar? Key highlights

Security data layer

The app boasts multi-layered visual technology to offer extra security and prevent data theft from the app or company servers. It comprises a visual presentation layer, public data layer, private data layer, security data layer. Thus, helping it encrypt your presence.

Gate your digital information

Create your avatar using its dozens of styles and personalization options. Next, you can share your data using the code scanner or view other’s data similarly. You can also group your contacts into family, friends, faculty, social media, etc., by creating different icons.

Digital Wallet program and KABN Visa card add-on

Although this one is in the pilot program right now, and you’ll have to wait after registering, I have high expectations from this feature. If it meets the industry standards, it will make the app more accessible by shopping right from the app. I look forward to testing it soon.

Digital Wallet program and KABN Visa card in Liquid Avatar iOS app

Verified community

The platform creates a close-knit community of verified users. As its part, you can communicate with others through quizzes, play games, etc.

What I loved about Liquid Avatar

  • The iOS app has a fresh concept with multiple language support 
  • Lots of customization options to create an avatar exactly how you want it to look in the final version 

    Customization options to create an avatar in Liquid Avatar iOS app
  • Liquid Avatar locker to manage all your avatar icons
  • The ability to link social media pages links, game rankings, favorite websites, and more to an avatar 
  • Complete control over your data 
  • Cloud-based biometric authentication with facial recognition

    Cloud-based biometric authentication in Liquid Avatar

What I wish would be better

Liquid Avatar isn’t perfect. Considering the app is still new, it needs plenty of improvements and fixes.

  • The UI looks a little outdated with a tile-based interface.
  • I couldn’t connect my social profiles to my avatar.
  • It was pretty confusing to figure the app when I tested it. The first-time users could use a guide or assistance to better the onboarding experience.
  • There’s no way to delete the account in the app as of now. You will to place your request via email.

Our verdict: Should you rely on Liquid Avatar for online security?

Liquid Avatar sure looks promising, and I am hooked on the concept. However, it’s not without hiccups. The developers need to push more efforts into app polishing and the UI. I would recommend you try the app as it’s free and refreshing, but since it’s in its initial phase, you’ll have to be patient.

Price: Free


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