Out there on the App Store, there are tons of apps like Whatsapp and Viber. And it’s a great thing because a phone is after all a communication device and all the various apps help you communicate and keep in touch.

LINE for iPhone is one of those apps that bring – besides the usual charm of communication – a really interesting environment. If you’re bored of Whatsapp and Viber or if you think you want to try out something beautiful, you’ve got to try LINE. And here’s why.

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At its core, LINE is as much like any other IM app you’ve got. It lets you make free calls to other LINE users, it enables IM-like chat with emojis and stickers and there’s a bunch of stuff you can do with LINE. It centers around communicating with your friends in a fun-filled environment.

Line iPhone App

LINE has a cool interface, a very different one from the likes of Whatsapp, iMessage and Skype, for that matter. Skype and iMessage is for the serious folks. LINE is obviously not just interesting but it’s fun-filled. The stickers and emojis that LINE offers is completely different from the default set. If you’ve got a wee bit of the spirit of teens, you’ll like it.

For all its fancy stuff, LINE is powerful enough to be your standard form of communication. For starters, you can send free messages (LINE works completely via data network). Besides this, you can:

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  • Send free voice and video messages. Capture or record from within the app and send them to your friends.
  • Make free LINE to LINE calls. Much like Viber/Skype.
  • Interesting group chats.
  • Share photos, videos and more.

I see glimpses of a lot many apps (ranging from Viber and Tango to Skype and iMessage) in LINE but somewhere, the app draws a line and makes everything look interesting and somewhat better.

LINE is free for the iPhone and since it also supports Android, the user-base is enormous. You can probably find your friends using LINE already. Bottom-line: definitely worth trying and much better then WeChat.

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Download LINE