You are away from home on a long drive. Suddenly, you find your phone dying out of lack of battery. What will you do? Worry not, Limefuel LP200X will juice up your phone much faster than you could ever imagine. You can grab this battery pack at just $34.99 at 58% off. Click here to get it right now.

The real price of the battery pack is $85. With 20,000mAh Lithium-ion battery and two USB ports to charge two devices simultaneously, it is exactly what you would want while you are on the go. It features the digital display that lets you know about how much battery has been charged.

Buy Limefuel LP200X for 34.99 Dollars

The Limefuel can charge your larger devices such as tablets 2-4 times and smaller devices like phones more than that. Auto-on and Auto-off help in conserving battery charge. Grade A battery cells and high-quality circuitry provide the much-needed protection against short circuit or anti-discharge.


#1. 20,000mAh Lithium-ion battery.

#2. Digital display.

#3. Built-in flashlight.

#4. Compact design.

#5. Grade A battery cells and high-quality circuitry500 Plus lifetime use cycles.

#6. 500 Plus lifetime use cycles.

#7. 2 USB ports.

#8. Auto-on and Auto-off.

It is a good-looking bargain, any way you slice it. Had it been more than $50, you could say it is priced a bit too high. But under $35, it is worth going for. The 500 plus lifetime cycles let you recover every penny you may pay. That's indeed called true utility.

If you frequently have to go away and just don't want to compromise with the use of your phone anywhere, anytime, it is what you need to remain charged up all the time, wherever you go.

As you know that the deal is going to last only a few days from now, you may have to rush a bit if you want this battery pack.

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