Apple’s lightning cable costs about $19.00. Lightning Rabbit’s lightning cable costs $20.00. For a dollar more, you get a 5-ft long cable that’s stronger, more durable and fantastically easy to use. I don’t have to worry about being very careful with the cable’s ends. And that’s a peace of mind I can’t really describe.

Most of my problems with the iPhone are not iPhone-centric. Actually they’re with the cable. Apple’s own lightning cable seems costly. The MFi-certified cables out there in the market cost less but they’re bogged down with similar problems I face with Apple’s lightning cable. Cheaper cables that aren’t certified run the risk of damaging my iPhone. It’s a pretty hard world out there if you are thinking about all these things. And oh, by the way, the charger cable is short.

Lightning Rabbit Cable for the iPhone and iPad

It might sound outrageously “sales-y” to point out that the Lightning Rabbit cable can solve all of that in a jiffy but that’s the truth. We got a pack of these cables recently and I can’t stress on how useful these cables have turned out to be.

Lightning Rabbit’s cables are fabric-wound. This lends a very high level of strength to the cables while keeping them flexible. This is exactly the type of cables Apple should be making: strong to the point of being invincible. I think these cables will last longer than any other cable I have ever used.

Best iPhone and iPad Charging Cable

The other feature that’s an important part of why we’re writing about lightning cables for the iPhone/iPad is that it’s long. At 5-feet, these are some of the longest cables you can lay your hands on. Think about using the iPhone connected to a PC/Mac: you can actually walk a few feet away from the Mac even as you continue to hold the iPhone (which is connected). Useful for those times when you have to pick something a little away from your computer, when you are on a call on the iPhone.

Lightning Rabbit cables are beautiful too. The gloss finish on the plastic is wonderful and it blends in with the Apple aesthetic.

Lightning Rabbit's $20 iPhone & iPad Cables

And you get color options: silver, orange or purple.

At $20, this is what I’d call justified. A $19 Apple cable just sounds like a rip-off now.

The Lightning Rabbit cables come in three varieties: lightning cable for the newer iPhones and iPads, the old dock for the 30-pin devices ($15), and a microUSB cable for other devices ($15).

You can check out Lightning Rabbit here (and buy one of their cables too).

  • Julian Kelly

    Fabric wound means the metal inside of the cable will wear out and break more quickly. There’s a reason big OEMs all use rubber.