LG To Start Shipping LCD & OLED Panels for iPhones 2018: Report

Apple has struck a deal with LG and Japan Display to manufacture OLED and LCD displays for the upcoming iPhones.

It was long expected that Apple might use OLED displays in its upcoming flagship iPhones in 2018. To this effect, Apple had roped in LG, and the latter was to manufacture 2-4 million iPhone X Plus OLED screens.

Now the rumor may turn out reality as DigiTimes reports have confirmed that LG will “start shipping both LCD and OLED panels to the US smartphone vendor for the production of its next-generation iPhone devices in the second half of 2018.”

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LG To Start Shipping LCD & OLED Panels to Apple for iPhones 2018

The reports also say that “LG Display is expected to ship 3-4 million OLED panels as well as 20 million LCD smartphone panels to Apple in 2018.”

In addition to this, LG Display will manufacture OLED panels needed for the iPhone from its E6 6G fab in Paju.

LG is likely to manufacture displays for Apple largest iPhone model. According to DigiTimes, Apple has signed a deal with LG to manufacture 3 to 4 million OLED displays this year. These displays are for the largest 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus smartphone.

This doesn’t mean Apple has cut ties with its long-term ‘ally’ Samsung, who will manufacture a large chunk of OLED displays for Apple.

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It is known to everyone that Apple cannot afford to rely only on its archrival to manufacture smartphones. Last year, Samsung was the sole supplier of OLED displays, and therefore, Apple was actively looking for a fitting answer to Samsung.

Apple wanted to reduce its dependency on the Samsung and consequently, reduce the overall cost. Interestingly, Samsung is reportedly manufacturing 70 million OLED panels for Apple this year.

LG, who is riding high after forging this new partnership, is all set to increase production in 2019 so that it can manufacture nearly 10 million OLED displays, as per the reports.

The report also claims that LG is manufacturing 20 million LCD displays for Apple’s 6.1-inch budget iPhones.

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Apple has also hired Japan Display to manufacture LCD displays for its budget phones.

Apple is likely to release three iPhones in vibrant colors – one 6.1-inch LCD display, one 5.8-inch iPhone X successor, and one 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus. The last one is said to be the most premium unit.

Interestingly, Apple is planning to boost its phones’ battery life, and there may be eSIM in 2018 iPhone.

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Apple is playing a smart game by roping in two new companies for its display units. This not only reduces its dependency on Samsung but also helps it reduce the cost of manufacturing iPhones. Remember, iPhone X’s prices had a negative impact on the sales of Apple’s anniversary gift to users.

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