Lenmar’s Maven iPhone 6 Battery Case

Lenmar Maven iPhone 6 Battery Case

Though Apple has vastly improved the battery life of its latest flagship iPhone 6, it hasn’t satisfied many users who wish their iPhones to have much better battery power. A number of iPhone 6 battery cases have thronged into the market with the more enhanced ability to recharge the iPhone in a quick time. However, there is always a scope for the best battery case to come with out-of- the -box concept.

Lenmar’s Maven iPhone 6 battery case strives to provide your iPhone extra power in a rapid time. Made to be an elegant battery case with feature-rich technologies such as speaker channels and more battery power, it promises to be a top-notch option for your iPhone 6. Let’s knows more about it!

Lenmar Maven iPhone 6 Battery Case

3000 mAh Battery Offers 110% Extra Power

Lenmar’s Maven with 3000 mAh battery provides 110% extra power to your iPhone. This battery case is equipped to not only charge your iPhone fast but also offers it more power to go long. Though there is nothing new regarding the 3000 mAh battery as there are many other battery cases, its ability to empower your iPhone in a rapid time makes it stand out.

This battery case charges itself with 2-Amp speed. If this case is down with power, you won’t have to bother much about refuelling it. It is this speed of boosting its power quickly that puts Maven ahead of ordinary battery cases.

Speaker Channels For Enhanced Speaker Sound

There are a number of battery cases which become a hindrance to your iPhone’s speaker sound. As a result, you are not able to enjoy music to your liking and hence don’t feel good about the battery case. With optimized speaker channels that this case offers, you will love the most improved sound of iPhone’s speaker.

Screen Protection

This case features raised lip to keep the screen of your iPhone fully protected. The raised lip makes sure the delicate screen of your iPhone has the best safeguard from scratch.

Easy-To-Use Technology

With charge and sync technology, this case brings the much-needed convenience into the process of charging your iPhone. Simply take out the top cap and put your iPhone in the internal lightning plug and put the cap the back on.

Maven features a power button as well as a battery indicator on the back of the case. Designed to be a quality battery case, it makes sure you don’t have any inconvenience while charging your iPhone.

Offers Both Style And Comfort

This case looks elegant and does make a dashing pair with your iPhone. Just a glance at its appearance and you feel like trying it. That’s how nice it appears. If style and comfort both are what you are looking for it, then it won’t disappoint you.

It lets you access to all the switches and buttons with ease. You won’t have to face any difficulty while using it.

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