Apple has finally decided to bring a new iOS, the expected one – iOS 8! All the iPhone lovers who had been waiting for it can finally loosen up and keep that suspense a little bit there, as we help you unwind the various features of this fabulous iOS version!!

We don’t want to cut down your thrill and excitement just now, but to compress iOS 8 in a few words, all we can say is that it is absolutely brilliant, much much smarter and extremely simple. The features that exist in this new OS make the experience all the way more exceptional. So without further ado, lets see what does this iOS has in store for us.

iOS 8 Features

Everything About iOS 8 Features

Access everything easily on the go!

Access everything easily on the go on iOS 8

Because Apple wanted its users to stay notified, they worked harder on the notifications system and made it much more interactive. In iOS 8, the new notification center is far more effective and dynamic as to say, which means you can act on the notifications without actually opening the app. That’s right, you can reply to SMS’s, do your FB thing straightaway from the notification center.

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One of a kind of Mail features!

iOS 8 Mail Features

If you didn’t guess till now, then let us break the ice – you can review your emails from the inbox and set them as read, unread, or flag it just by swiping the email. Switching in between the emails and draft is also easy, moreover you can add any important event to your calendar directly from the email.

Surf the web like you never did with Safari!

Safari on iOS 8

This one’s for iPad, you can browse the web with Safari web browser, see all the web pages that you have opened and see the grouped web pages. You can also check out the saved bookmarks, reading list and the links that have been shared by using the brand new sidebar. The brand new Safari browser adds to your web browsing experience.

Spotlight: Its brighter than ever (like they said!)

iOS 8 Spotlight Search

Spotlight, the iOS’s very own searcher has become a modish. You can use Spotlight to search a contact, answer to a question, an app, search nearby places and almost anything and it will retrieve suitable information for you.

Revamped Message Service

Message Service on iOS 8

This awaited feature will change the way you used to text on iPhone! You can connect with your friends and family, send them not only unlimited messages but also audio, video, location, images etc. Well, this one’s pretty close to a popular app (we all know that one, don’t we?)

The smartest Keyboard at your disposal

iOS 8 Keyboard

iOS 8 not only brought some major changes for texting, but it also brought in the smartest keyboard, QuickType for iOS users. Typing will get much more easy and the OS will suggest apt words to you in order to complete the sentences. The operating system can also differentiate between the mail and messages.

Photo sharing, editing & storage

People seem consumed in the idea of capturing everyday events and whatever that happens in their life, which is why Apple has widened the chances of storing all your pics directly in iCloud. Also you can access the photos anytime anywhere. In addition to the synchronization of the images with iCloud library, you also get amazing composition tools with smart adjustments, a wide range of photo filters and other editing tools, and time-lapse videos.

Sharing with Family made easy

Photo sharing, editing & storage iOS 8

It's now easy for the family members to share all the Apple Store purchases such as iTunes, iBooks etc. with up to 6 people within the family. For e.g. if you have bought an app or a movie from Apple store, then you get the option to share it with your family members.

Track your Health

iOS 8 Health Tracking

With the help of various health and fitness apps such as heart rate monitor, activity tracker you can keep a track of your health. All the stored information can be easily fetched from the dashboard and it’s not intricate stuff.

iCloud Drive

iCloud Drive in iOS 8

Now you can easily work on any kind of files – PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, document files, images etc. straightaway from your iCloud drive. You can share all your stuff with your friends and family. Editing is extremely simple and synchronization wasn’t this easy before. Another important feature is Handoff, which lets you pick up any file and start working on it right where you left it, irregards of which device you were working on. This feature is compatible with Messages, Reminders, Safari browser, Mail, contacts etc.

These all are the anticipated features of iOS 8 which is expected to hit markets in coming fall. Though the OS might experience couple of changes in its features until the release, we hope there are more surprises in store for us until then!

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