Purportedly leaked images of an internal component of iPhone 5S shows some minor changes in the camera and flash components. While in iPhone 5, the components are separate, in the new leaked component, the camera and the flash parts are “joined” together as one unit.

While this in itself is not very significant because it’s still a purported leak, it does add some spice to earlier claims by analysts that the camera might be upgraded in the iPhone 5S.

Moumantai’s Leaks

Apparently, French website Nowwhereelse.fr (which has been producing some very interesting rumors of late) reports this as coming from Japanese retailer Moumantai. Now Moumantai is credited with a couple of earlier leaks: SIM tray, iPhone 5S camera lens, home button and vibration motor.

The new set of photos aren’t as spectacular. But come to think of it, could this indicate a change in the camera spec?

Leaked iPhone 5S Component

For quite some days now, it has been rumored that the iPhone 5S would feature a more powerful camera. There are a few reasons to take this into consideration:

1). Competitor smartphones have been ruling the roost with enormously advanced camera specs that go up to 13 MP for an average camera resolution. Apple’s still at 8 MP.
2). Since iPhone 5S has been long been rumored to be a minor upgrade over its predecessor, the iPhone 5, it might be impertinent for Apple to have some really good points for selling. Camera is one particular area of focus, no pun intended.
3). Earlier leaks of the camera lens – dubious as they may be – could be pointing to a confirmation of sorts now that we’ve got some more leaked images which positively show that Apple’s probably working on the camera. Possibly to tweak it and enhance the resolution?

Apple does maintain that the iSight camera it has is superior to most other cameras (however we do know that a few other smartphones  have more powerful cameras). But it sure needs an upgrade and iPhone 5S could very well be the smartphone that features a 12 or 13 MP camera.

Via: NoWhereElse.fr