For months it’s been widely reported that iPhone 7 won’t come with the 3.5mm headphone. Even though the various reports, as well as leaked images of the purported images of the next-gen iPhone, were all indicating that the headphone jack is on its way out, there was not much clarity as to what could be the real picture.

As the headphone jack was rumored to be eliminated, we used to think seriously about what could be the alternative types of headphones; whether that could be through wireless Bluetooth or the Lightning cable.

iPhone 7 Lightning Headphone Image

However, going by these latest images of the new version of the Apple’s EarPods which seem to have been perfectly primed to connect to an iPhone through the 8-pin Lightning port, it’s more or less confirmed that the headphone jack is all but removed.

iPhone 7 Is To Arrive Without Headphone Jack…!

EarPods with Connector

As for as the look of the new EarPods is concerned, they are quite similar to the existing ones. Whether it’s the shape of the ear inserts, mic or inline button, they look almost identical.

However, what makes these EarPods different is the connector.

iPhone 7 Headphone Jack ImageiPhone 7 Earpod Image LeakiPhone 7 Earpods Leaked ImageLightning Earpod Leaked Image

Reversible Lightning Port for Digital Sound

Instead of a 3.5mm connector, the headphones sport a reversible Lightning port for digital sound. Apart from being compatible with the upcoming smartphone, it will support the Lightning-equipped accessories.

Another thing that makes these EarPods really hot is the plastic surround which has been readied to join the connector to the cable.

Thicker Casing

As compared to the existing headphones, these EarPods seem to have a much thicker casing around the end of the port.

Apple is all geared up to launch the next-gen iPhone this fall. Among the new features which are reported to arrive with the iPhone 7 are Smart Connector, Dual-Camera for the 5.5-inch handset, repositioned antenna bands, 3GB RAM, up to 256GB of storage and more.

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