Leaked Apple Watch “Companion” App Reveals More Features

Apple made iOS 8.2 beta 4 available to users yesterday and with that it provided some typical performance tweaks and bug fixes. There’s one more thing that yesterday’s update revealed (or leaked) — it was the “Companion” app for Apple Watch, and now it is indicating us about the upcoming features of the Apple Watch.

Leaked Apple Watch "Companion" App Reveals More Features

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Under Bluetooth settings, the overhaul provides instructions on how to connect the watch with an iPhone. Apart from this, the “Companion” app has couple of settings to control how the Apple Watch functions. Not only this, the app can even modify and command different apps associated with the watch.

Some screenshots reveal what gimmicks the Apple Watch will have. We were hoping of some great ones and Apple has not disappointed us this time.

Here we’re listing the features expected to come with Apple Watch.

#1. Home Screen

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Screenshots reveal the possibility that applications on the Apple Watch Home Screen will be manageable by users using a virtual view on the iPhone Companion application. That sounds cool, especially when you can organize things on your iPhone to see results on the watch.

#2. Clock Functions

The “Companion” app lets you enable (or disable) a new clock face feature called Monogram which allows users to include a virtual stamp of 1-4 letters directly on the clock face. This is interesting especially if you want to customize your watch by adding your initials or something else you like. Enabling another feature will let you track a stock, and see its current price, point change, percentage change, or market cap. Users can also allow a subtle red dot to appear on the clock whenever a notification is received.

#3. Messages

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Users will be able to send messages via voice (audio messages or transcribed dictation). Of course, this is something that was very much needed, as the Apple Watch does not has a keyboard. Setting up default text reply and enabling or disabling Read Receipts can also be done. Apple Watch users will also be able to choose to not receive text message alerts or just to receive them from people in their contacts list.

#4. Maps

There’s a great advancement in the list of new features for Maps. With Apple Watch and “Companion” app, you’ll be able to turn on/off Taptic Engine tapping of the user’s wrist when it is time to turn for turn-by-turn directions.

#5. Accessibility

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How could Apple miss its accessibility features? Not only this, accessing the accessibility is just a matter of triple-clicking the Digital Crown. Once there, users will have the option to enable VoiceOver feature to display spoken text on the screen. It’ll become more stunning when you’ll know that VoiceOver can be enabled just by merely raising a wrist or double tapping the display.

In accessibility settings, there will be options to zoom the screen, reduce motion, control stereo audio balance, reduce transparency, switch to grayscale mode, disable system animations, and enable bold text. Sounds awesome!

#6. Passcode

Of course there’re lots of features on the way, but that doesn’t means that your security will be on the line. To be able to make Apple Pay payments, users will have to enter the 4 digit passcode. The Apple Watch can be unlocked by unlocking the connected iPhone, alternatively the passcode can also do the job. If entered incorrectly 10 times, your watch will be capable of wiping it’s own data itself.

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#7. Activity, Motion & Fitness

Being the all-in-one spot for the Apple Watch, the “Companion” app will also let you activate granular fitness features, including stand reminders, activity progress every 4/6/8 hours, completion of move/exercise/stand goals, achievements, and Monday summaries of movement. Heart rate tracking can also be enabled to automatically calculate calories burned. The watch will also be able to track your body movements to determine step counts and fitness level.

#8. About

Now that you’ve known all the features of your watch, you might want to check its storage capacity, number of songs, photos and apps on the Watch, device serial number, Bluetooth and WiFi details. If yes, the about screen will give you all the details about those things.

What do you make of these findings? Is Apple Watch a product that you’d consider purchasing? Shout off in the comments below!

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