Leaf Mount: A Foldable Micro-suction Mount for your iPhone and iPad

I seem to have a fetish for docks and mounts based on micro-suction. There’s something magical about them: they’re minimalist by nature and they’re cool. That’s probably why I was attracted to MiStand.

In keeping with the micro-suction-based design, here’s one more interesting mount for your iPhones and iPads: the Leaf Mount.

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Leaf Mount: A Foldable Micro-suction Mount for your iPhone and iPad

Leaf Mount is a foldable mount for smartphones and mini-tablets. For us, it seems like one of the finest iPhone and iPad mount that works on micro-suction. It is small, handy and holds your iPhone/iPad securely. And since it’s foldable, you can actually control the slant.

While all of this seems like a normal thing, what makes Leaf Mount interesting – and “buy-able” – is that it’s simple enough in its design and portable enough its size. Which means you can take the mount and place it anywhere. It’s not a charging dock with any dock connectors attached to it.

So you can pick it up easily, and place it on the kitchen table when you’re cooking, on the working table when you are on a video call with your client, on the dinner table when you are watching a TV show. And more.

Leaf Mount for iPhone

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The portability is bolstered with the lightness of the dock. Made out of aluminum, the Leaf Mount is designed to be light but sturdy. The video and images show what appears to be brushed metal so there’s the classic Applesque-shine on the dock. Even though it fits every smartphone and tablet (up to 3 lbs), the choice of aluminum makes it gel well with iDevices.

So we come back to micro-suction. The Leaf Mount has two micro-suction pads: one at the bottom to hold it firmly on any surface (like a table, the kitchen counter etc.) and the other on the other arm which sticks to your iPhone/iPad’s back.

Firmly. That’s the beauty of micro-suction: it magically “sticks” to your iPhone or iPad and holds it without leaving any mark on the back.

Previous experience with micro-suction tells us that it’s just great for iDevices. And we expect Leaf Mount to have the same experience.

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Leaf Mount for iPad

Leaf Mount can be useful in a variety of cases. With your iPhone/iPad on the mount, you can FaceTime handsfree, you can read an iBook more comfortably, you can cook with your iPad showing you the recipe, you can also multitask efficiently with your laptop and iPad side-by-side.

What’s a little thought is the tiny hole under the mount which allows you to plug in a lightning cable so you can charge your iPhone or iPad? You can make sure the cable doesn’t dangle outside the mount, making things look cleaner and better.

The Leaf Mount is compatible with all iPhones and iPad minis. It will also hold your iPad Air. (along with Android smartphones and mini-tablets that range from 7- to 8-inches)

The packaging also includes a Leaf Mount case so you can take the mount with you, tucked neatly inside the mini case.

Leaf Mount is currently a Kickstarter project that needs your support. If you’re interested in getting this mount, you might want to donate and be one of the early birds to pick this product.

Check out Leaf Mount here.

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