Those wallet-based cases for the iPhones aren’t that common and the ones that are available on the market aren’t very versatile.

Krome CargoCase for the iPhone 5 stands as a unique and different wallet case for the iPhone. It doesn’t boast an ultra-thin framework or a design that stands out. Instead, it takes on sturdiness and a strange kind of a feature. The case comes with the ability to accommodate up to 5 thick credit cards (or equivalent with other cards) and some really good specs around the strength of the case.

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CargoCase actually fits both iPhone 4, 4S and iPhone 5 although I guess the trend today would be to pick the iPhone 5 case.

What’s weirdly unique about Krome CargoCase? It comes with a mirror! A crystal-clear mirror is tucked neatly inside the case so flip the back and you’ve got a mirror. Ladies, particularly, would be pleased with this additional feature on the CargoCase.

Krome CargoCase for iPhone 5 and iPhone-4-4S

The CargoCase for iPhone is made of a high-grade plastic which kind of keeps the case lighter despite a slight bulk.

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Krome Wallet Case for iPhone 5

What Can Krome CargoCase Help You Carry
Besides your iPhone, the CargoCase can help you carry a few other things:

  • Credit cards, business cards, License
  • A few dollar bills
  • Some folded paper(s) if there’s room still left

CargoCase can pretty much double up as a thin wallet. If you are of the type that puts your cards into a different wallet than your money, CargoCase could easily be an apt solution that makes sure your iPhone is safe too.

I’ve read comments about the CargoCase where users have also been able to put more stuff into the case than what’s on the feature. CargoCase is one of those strong, thick and powerful/durable cases you’ll be looking for if you’re very particular about the safety of your iPhone. The case is designed to fit the iPhone perfectly, in a tight snug that keeps the light-weight smartphone pretty secure.

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CargoCase is available for iPhone 5/5s and iPhone 4/4S. The price is $39.95 (excluding shipping).