If you count your sleep hours (which is a good habit so that you clock the necessary amount of sleep every night), this tweak should be helpful. AlarmNotifier shows how many hours are left before the alarm goes off.

This countdown thing can be helpful anywhere (for instance, you can set alarms timed to go off in 4 hours, 8 hours, 24 hours etc.) but the most specific area where I think it will be useful is when you want to set an alarm to wake up and make sure it has enough hours to lapse. So that you get enough sleep.

AlarmNotifier Cydia Tweak for iOS 7

AlarmNotifier Cydia Tweak

AlarmNotifier makes sure that you know exactly how many hours are to lapse between now and the time of the alarm. And it kind of puts that information not just under the alarm labels but is a little in-your-face with a popup dialog.

When you set an alarm (or enable an existing one), you will get a popup that says ‘Time Until Alarm is Active' with the number of hours, minutes and seconds left till the alarm goes off.

How Many Hours Are Left For the Alarm AlarmNotifier Cydia Tweak

The time-left is also shown under the alarm title so if you think the popup is redundant, you can disable it from the preferences. (disable the two toggles: Alert on Alarm Creation, Alert on Alarm Toggle).

Or a much better way of operation would be to have the popup show the time left but let it fade away on its own. The Auto Dismiss Popup does that. Enable the switch and then pick a number from the Seconds Until Auto Dismiss setting (2 seconds is optimal).

AlarmNotifier works unobtrusively and it doesn't change any other bit of the interface for your Alarm Clock. The same feature can be had on third-party alarm clock apps like Rise but if you prefer going the jailbreak route, it's a much lighter solution.

AlarmNotifier is available for free on the BigBoss repo.

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