Knock to Check Time on Apple Watch When in Nightstand Mode

If you want to check time on your Apple Watch during night, just knock the desk or table on which your watch rests. The watch will wake up and show you the time. Seems miraculous? Read on…


Apple product experts are exploring iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac and Apple Watch day in, day out, and they stumble upon something new often. A couple of weeks back, we discussed how users can use nightstand clock mode on Apple Watch.

Nightstand clock mode helps you check time if you wake up in the middle of the night; just gently tap on the screen of the watch or hit any button of the watch to check time.

Knock Apple Watch to Check Time When in Nightstand Mode

Knock to Check Time on Apple Watch

Apart from nightstand mode, there is one more important feature we have found. This time, we have got something better for Apple Watch users. Now users can knock the table their Apple Watch is resting on, and the watch will show you the time.

Isn’t it miraculous? It is a better option for users as they don’t have to grope around to pick up the watch, tap on the screen or hit any button of a watch; just a knock on the stand is enough to wake up Apple Watch to tell you time.

Once you keep your Apple Watch on nightstand clock mode, put it near your bed anywhere on a table or desk; when you want to check time in the middle of night, knock or thump the surface you have placed your watch on.

The watch will sense the vibration of the desk or table and it will activate the screen as your watch is in nightstand mode and connected to a power source.

If you want to use this feature, make sure that your Apple Watch must be running on watchOS 2.0. This one is a cool trick and users are going to like this.

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