Klingelring iPhone App: Turn Your Favorite Songs into Ringtones

During my brand communication studies, one branding exercise captured my attention: “Sonic Branding.” Well, as the name suggests, it has to do with sound. From radio to television and from the rotary dial telephone to the latest smartphones, the electronic world has been ringing day in, day out with myriad tones. Every day, we wake up to a sound of alarm beeping in our mobile phone. And for the rest of the day, ringtones keep crooning in our ears.

Turn Your Favorite Songs into Ringtones with Klingelring iPhone App

Klingelring iPhone App

Sound is part and parcel of our life. While some sweet sounds permanently reside in our memory and excite our senses, others pierce through our ears and we are shuddered with its upsetting clamour. It is human to get bored of listening to the same tone every day, and therefore, we keep changing ringtones frequently. If you are fed up with the limited ringtones stored in your iPhone or iPad, here is something exciting to hear.

Single Tap to Create Ringtone

Klingelring is a cool app that converts your songs into high quality ringtones with a single tap for your iOS devices. The app automatically finds the right and optimal position for each song without any manual cuttings by user.

Ringtones Galore

For your choice of music, this app boasts treasure trove of ringtones of different genres like hip hop, reggae, house, pop, rnb, rock, techno and folk music. Moreover, you can convert a song from your personal library, if you can’t find your likes of music from the in-built list.

Quick Search

This app has excellent search and preview functions, which give you quick results while you are finding and downloading any ringtone. If you can’t get enough from the given list, just shake your iPhone or iPad and find more collection of ringtones.

Language Support

The latest update on this app has added some features like HTTPS connections, retina support for cover images, security upgrades and more. The app is available in English, German, Spanish, Greek, Dutch, and Greek. Klingelring is also available in Finnish and Japanese with over 3 million new ringtones; also enjoy Russian and Greek translations. Now start your day with sweet melodies of new featured songs.

Among other features of this app are rich library of ringtones of more than 25 million HQ ringtones, ringtone collections from other users, sharing of your ringtones with friends, library of millions of songs to listen in full length, and creating music videos for Instagram and other social media.

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