Kim Kardashian’s KIMOJI iPhone App Behind App Store’s Breakdown, Believes Reality TV Star

Kim Kardashin is basking in the glory after receiving the news of App Store got broken by her app KIMOJI iPhone app. But the fact may be different from what is claimed by Kim.

If you want to spice up your chat with your friends and “loved” ones, KIMOJI is the latest fad sprawling on App Store of Apple. From the name of this app, you must have started guessing whose brain is behind this. Well, our reality star Kim Kardashian has launched this app for her fans across the globe.

This came as Christmas gift in the form of emojis in which she stars herself. The app, as expected, became a breakout hit as millions of Kim’s fans rushed to App Store to download KIMOJI.

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Kimoji iPhone App-Kim Kardashian

But users are facing some major issues after downloading the app; mainly the app doesn’t work. This app boasts more than 250 emojis, and users are not able to see them properly when they want to use some.

During the testing of the app, we noticed that emoji appears the first time the keyboard was launched; but it never loaded after that. The app shows a blank space instead of emoji.

While this problem is not yet fixed, somebody is smiling with glory. Kardashian believes that the app fails to work because it “broke” the App Store. She took Twitter to share her fame; you can read between the lines, wherein she tweeted: Apple, I’m so sorry I broke your App Store.

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On the Apple’s side, there is no reply to Kardashian’s comment on Tweeter. App Store has gone down on many occasions SppStor, for short period of time though. But there is no proof that this break-down happened on Monday.

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Some experts believe that KIMOJI’s overwhelming response could not be cited as reason for App Store’s halt, which has further done the damage to the app in iOS device. Once the app is downloaded, it should work properly on the device unless it has some bugs inside.

Kim kept mum on the issue with the app, but she suggested that “massive downloads” could cause issue in the app, which enjoyed the status of No. 1 on App Store’s top paid apps chart on Monday.

However, Kardashian reassured her fans that, “My Kimoji app will be up and running again soon! They are also working on fixing the search so u can easily find it!”

But who is working on this issue, Kim? Is it Apple or Whalrock Digital Media, developer of the app?

Download KIMOJI and experience the Kardashian charm.

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Price: $1.99
Download KIMOJI

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