KERF Wooden Cases for iPhone SE

KERF has launched beautiful wood cases for your iPhone SE. Take a look at each case, which is made of pure wood and excellent craftsmanship.
KERF iPhone SE Wooden Cases

Nature provides unlimited inspiration to all – whether you are a scientist, an artist or a businessman. For centuries, man has sourced the best materials to make his life comfortable. Today, even as technology has taken our life in its lap, nature still holds her effective say in our life. Time and again, we have appreciated products made of natural resources. Once again we have got the best products from KERF – a leading smartphone case maker.

Earlier too, we have carefully examined wooden cases for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. This time, KERF presents beautiful wood cases for the latest iPhone SE.

KerfCase is strongly rooted in a passion for craft and attention to minute details. The designers at this studio believe in precision, excellent craftsmanship, and natural materials. Therefore, they decided to bring the best wooden cases one after another.

KERF Wooden Cases for iPhone SE

There are six varieties of wood cases, which include Cherry Wood Case, Cork Case, Spalted Maple Wood Case, Walnut Wood Case, Mahogany Wood Case, and Maple Wood Case.

Pure Wood

KERF Cherry Wood Case for iPhone SE

KERF picked up pure wood to create luxurious wooden cases for iPhone SE. However, luxury doesn’t come in the way of functionality, which is given special treatment by KERF designers. If you check the materials used for making wood cases, you will be surprised that human imagination has never been so vivid that it could make an iPhone case from cherry wood, cork or spalted maple. A walnut wood case is beyond our imagination; the luxury of mahogany was impossible to achieve. But KERF makes it possible for iPhone SE users.


KERF Maple Wood Case for iPhone SE

Elegance in any design is appreciated. KERF followed this dictum whole-heartedly and created the most beautiful design by keeping its natural color and feel. Each case is uniquely supreme as the cases are made of wood. This requires you to take immediate action if you lose your heart to any one case; you won’t find another one of the same design. Experience the rugged feel of pure wood in your hands. KERF produces wood cases that provide extra grip in your hands; this makes you worry-free when you are holding your precious iPhone SE while commuting.


“Luxurious products are not durable” – well, it is a passé idea. Wood is durable by nature and therefore, you can always trust its strength even if it is processed and moulded to create an iPhone case. KERF has meticulously crafted each case to impart perfection that ensures great looks and complete protection. Take a close look and you will see that all corners of your iPhone SE are completely covered; the wood cases leave no scope for any damage to your iPhone. At the same time, the case doesn’t add any extra bulk to your iPhone; this allows you to slide your iPhone SE in your pockets easily.


KERF Walnut Wood Case for iPhone SE

For any accessories maker, it would be easy to create a plastic or rubberized plastic case for iPhones. But then that case would just be another case available in the market. To capture the attention of iPhone user, one has to do something unique. KERF has successfully added that unique element to its wooden cases. Wood is inflexible and therefore, to make a case packed with multiple features demands a greater level of creativity and carefulness. During the manufacturing process, KERF has taken care of an important thing: luxury and design should not hinder the accessibility. If the case doesn’t allow users to access all the buttons and controls on iPhone SE, it is nothing but crap. Thankfully this didn’t happen in the case of KERF. Users can conveniently access every function on their iPhone SE including camera and headphone jack.

Wooden cases have always been a choice of consumers, who possess discerning taste. And for such consumers, the price may not be an issue. However, unlike other expensive wooden cases, KERF’s are available well below $100. Mahogany wood case is available at just $59, which is a good deal for a smartphone that costs you $399.

Price Range: $59 – $99
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All in all, KERF wood case is your perfect choice. Go for it! Once you buy and use any of the wooden cases, please share your experience with us.

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