Kerf iPhone 6/6s Plus Pure Wooden Cases: Experience the Essence of Mother Nature

KerfCase’s range of wooden cases for iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6 Plus are aesthetic. The cases are awesome by every way and they are crafted from 100% wood.

You might have noticed that we are great fan of iPhone cases. We have reviewed many beautiful cases and also made a number of roundups in different categories. Out of all the lists and reviews we do, one of our favorite categories is the wooden cases.

The reason why We tend to review wooden case is, it is unique, durable, and the most important is that they are one in a kind. We never get to see the same case with anyone else in the world. Today we are back again with one fantabulous wooden case for iPhone and it is called KerfCase.

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KERF iPhone 6 and 6s Plus Wooden Case

Kerf Wooden Case for iPhone 6 and 6s Plus

Ben Saks founded KerfCase in 2013, since then the company has focused on finest craft of wood cases for iPhone. The wood used in cases is obtained locally from the trees that are on an urge of dying, which otherwise ending up as mulch. We have reviewed the cases with minute details and given a detailed result below.

100% Wood

Each and every case from KerfCase is made from finest quality of wood logs. The wood cases include Bocote wood, Canary wood, Cherry wood, Bubinga wood, and many other types which we might not have even heard of. All these cases pass through a meticulous process of manufacturing.

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KERFCase iPhone 6 and 6s Plus Wooden Case

Every case from KerfCase is unique in its own way. As alluded to earlier, these cases are made from wood and thus, you’ll not find the same case ever. If you like any of the case listed on KerfCase’s website, you should act fast and make your purchase. Unlike competitors, KerfCase’s wooden cases will give you a pure wooden feel when you hold them in your hands.


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KERF Pure Wooden Case for iPhone 6s and 6 Plus

Wood is durable by nature and you can count on that. The cases are made with utmost perfection to deliver great looks along with complete protection. All the four corners of your iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus are thoroughly covered, leaving no scope of getting them damaged. Even though it completely covers your device, it won’t look bulky or hard to hold in hands.


Wood isn’t as flexible as plastic or any other material used for making iPhone cases. Even then, you’ll hardly feel any discomfort while accessing any ports or functions of iPhone 6/6s Plus. The precise cuts for the camera, headphone jack, and lightning port almost feel like not having any case at all. The cases are easy to install, just slide your iPhone onto it and a gentle press. You precious iPhone is held gently with friction and won’t let it slip out.

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Product range

KERF iPhone Wooden Cases RangeKERF Range Of iPhone 6s and 6 Plus Wooden Cases

KerfCase’s offers a wide range of designs crafted with different types of woods. The company has a case for everyone. The designs will suit everyone regardless of their profile. Whether you are a student or a Hollywood celebrity, you’ll certainly stand out of the crowd with these wooden cases.


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If you can afford to buy an iPhone 6/6s Plus, then you’ll definitely afford to buy these cases. KerfCase’s aren’t cheap, but if you are the one who judges the quality, then you’ll know the worth of these cases. There are different cases available with different price tags. The range starts from $99 and goes up to $329.


KerfCase’s cases are certainly bulky on your wallets, but the quality and craftsmanship is worth every penny. The cases are premium, and will its impact by their elegance of design and feel.

Price Range: $99-$329
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  1. WOW! This looks really cool! Is the first image a card holder? I NEED that. I own a wooden tie bar and it’s awesome! I just recently purchased a marble case but now I also want the wood ones! I’m afraid it’ll break easily but I guess it would be the same as the marble…and based on the rating, this is a better grab then the Mikol ratings. Definitely considering…


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