According to Apple’s former ad guru Ken Segall, the company is beginning to lose touch with its heritage of simplicity. Mr. Segall has stated that though Apple’s customers are still loyal, the natives are getting restless and a number of people feel that Tim Cook’s Apple isn’t as simple as that of Steve Jobs’.

Segall said that Cook may be different to Jobs but was picked by the former CEO to do the job and is fully aware of his strengths and weaknesses. He stressed that S model of iPhone makes major enhancements seem smaller than they are.

Apple’s former ad guru Ken Segall

Ken Segall: Apple Losing Touch with Its Heritage of Simplicity

“Apple now sells three different iPhones, four different iPads, and three different MacBooks. The Apple Watch comes in seemingly infinite combinations of sizes and bands. The Apple universe is exploding with complexity! Or is it?

One could easily argue that a watch is a fashion product, so the decision here makes sense. And there is ample precedent for Apple expanding existing product lines. The original iPod, for example, successfully grew into a family of products.

Markets mature. A bigger audience has more diverse needs. If Apple were to ignore those needs, they would only force customers to go elsewhere. (As they did for several years by not making a big-screen iPhone.)

So, yes, Apple’s product lines have become more complicated. But really, are they that complicated? The company’s entire selection of products can easily fit on an average-size table.” The Guardian.

Segall further stated that Apple is now managing its marketing more like a startup and less like a major brand. However, he asserted that the Cupertino-based company is still doing a lot better job than other tech companies in terms of keeping the experience simple.

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