Looks like this is a season for gadgets and iPhone apps that are made to track and find things you lose. We had Tile, Lapa, CodeMe and BeLuvv. Here's another gadget (with an associated iPhone app) from Indiegogo which aims to help you keep an eye on things and people you love: The KeeperTI.

There's one reason to write about KeeperTI: according to the manifesto, it clubs a few features that are blatantly missing in most other track & find gadgets/apps. And that's why we think KeeperTI will be a far more powerful gadget than rest of the gang.

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KeeperTI Gadget and iPhone App

To begin with, KeeperTI comes in three varieties:

  • The KeeperTI Tag which is an adhesive tag that can be stuck to electronics, wallets, cars etc.
  • The KeeperTI Traveller which is a key-ring style tag that can be fixed to your bag, cloths etc.
  • The KeeperTI Home/Office which is like a Wi-fi hub for all your other KeeperTI tags. The KeeperTI Home/Office alerts you when nearby KeeperTI-tagged objects leave or enter the hub space.

The fact that KeeperTI actually adds a lot more feature to the entire process of tag and track makes it powerful. More powerful than other gadgets that rely heavily on social/cloud and the app. KeeperTI takes real-world examples and applies them.

KeeperTI Gadget and iPhone App Review

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For instance, KeeperTI tags can be configured to find by sound, or by proximity radar or have a removal alarm which notifies you when an object tagged with the KeeperTI Tag is moved. That's right, “moved.”

KeeperTI comes with some really simple specs. It runs on Bluetooth 4.0 which is power-conscious. The gadgets come with replaceable batteries. The app itself is about to be designed to make managing all your KeeperTI tags easily. From easy segregation to favorites, from instant notification/alerts to accurate GPS mapping of your objects, configuring alerts and reporting missing items, the app takes care of all the track & find needs. There's one large difference though: KeeperTI is designed to be more like an added security measure to keep your things safe. It works best in a 50m range – although it can make use of other “nearby” KeeperTI devices.

KeeperTI is in the prototype/funding stage right now. You can fund the Indiegogo project here and get your KeeperTI gadgets (estimated delivery date: June 2014) for a far cheaper price than the planned retail one.

Know More about KeeperTI

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