KeepCalling: Best Calling App for iPhone, iPad, and Android

KeepCalling iPhone, Android, and Web Calling App

WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype, and the likes have already made their place in the smartphones. However, every chat client (except for Skype) on the Internet has its own limitations. Voice quality has always been a critical issue users face. Moreover, offline calling is a big NO in popular chat apps. Thankfully, KeepCalling came up with the right mixture of features.

Smartphone owners, who have to place international calls frequently, have got the best calling app for iPhone and iPad. I have found this app better than Skype; this review doesn’t draw any comparison between the two apps, but at the end of this, you can easily make a choice.

KeepCalling: A Perfect Calling App for iPhone, iPad, and Android

KeepCalling is a perfect calling app for your iPhone, iPad, and Android. The app has got excellent features to explore on your devices. At a much cheaper rate, KeepCalling gives you quick access to your international contacts. Scroll down to know more about this wonderful app.

Smooth Interface

Even as the app has gained popularity in the last five years, it is yet to see more downloads across the globe. Users can place calls with KeepCalling from 35 countries listed on the website if an Internet connection is available.

After downloading and setting up the app, you will be surprised by its smooth interface and might forget some drawbacks of the app. What I don’t find in Skype is nicely integrated into KeepCalling: Speed Dial. At the bottom, you will find this option first, followed by Recent Calls, Contacts, Keypad, and Settings.

KeepCalling iPhone and Android App Interface
Using KeepCalling iPhone and Android App

It’s smooth sailing through all the features. In Settings, you can easily manage your account, voice credit, recharge, etc. Two things to take a note of; set caller ID and earn free credit. Once you set your caller ID, the receiver can easily identify you. By referring this app to your friends, you can earn free credit.

Offline Calling

Although this feature is limited to a few geographies, it gives users the power to make international calls from their phones without connecting them to the Internet. Users can use KeepCalling voice credit from others’ devices.

This app generates a PIN for each number; using this PIN, you can use any phone including the payphone. When you sign up and add credit to your account, you get a PIN; enter the PIN while using others’ phone and you can talk to your contacts living another side of the border.

Virtual Number

KeepCalling provides you a virtual number at a cheap rate of $9.99 per month. Once you give this virtual number to your family, they can talk to you as often as they wish, and for the price of local calls. KeepCalling can forward this virtual number to your landline or mobile phone.

How to Use the KeepCalling App on iPhone or Android

Step #1. Download the App on iPhone or Android Device.

Step #2. Create an account for the same.

Step #3. Add Voice credit to your account.

Step #4. Sync your device contacts.

Step #5. Start using the app for calling and SMS as well.


KeepCalling doesn’t offer call recording and video calling features to users.

Read More on KeepCalling Website…

That’s all folks!

Summing up…

If you ask me an unbeatable feature of this app, I would say a cheap rate without batting an eyelid. Given the quality and excellent service, KeepCalling is much cheaper than other calling apps. Second, the best feature is the app helps you call from any device. All in all, a great app to have on your iOS devices for international calling at local prices.

Download for iPhone | Download for Android

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