I’ll admit one thing: I’ve mostly used synced notes to carry IP addresses across different machines. It’s something that web masters, admins, designers and people who need to access various systems from different locations / machines need. I’ve never thought of actually getting an app for this but when you see IP Notebook, you instantly know that this is the thing you’ve actually wanted.

If you handle a lot of IP addresses (and it’s not something exclusive to network admins), you probably keep a track of all the IP addresses and authentication information that you use. Interestingly, while a simple cloud-synced notepad is enough, it’s not precisely a good method.

IP Notebook for iPhone

That’s where IP Notebook comes in.

IP Notebook iPhone App Review

IP Notebook is a simple app which lets you hold IP addresses that you frequently use. It does so smartly. It tracks your current IP address and lets you save it quick and fast. And subsequently, every IP address that you use can be saved automatically.

The real deal is that you can keep these IP addresses and use them instantaneously. It’s an address book for the IP addresses that you have to use. I’m guessing that the app would be useful for network admins – a lot.

Since you can actually add meta data to the IP addresses you store, finding them becomes very simple. And that’s precisely what makes you like IP Notebook. It’s a readily indexable, easy to access and easy to store IP address book that every developer, every network admin and every webmaster must have.

Briefly, this is what you can do with IP Notebook :

  • Store frequently used IP addresses with meta data
  • Search for IP addresses from your stored data
  • Share IP addresses from the app to others
  • Add custom IP addresses

People who’d find IP Notebook very useful:

  • Network admins
  • Developers
  • Webmasters

Price: IP Notebook is available on the App Store for $0.99

Download IP Notebook