Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could carry your own tiny Wi-Fi hotspot that connects to the internet (no matter where you go)? And what if you paid just for what you were going to use with no contracts, no caps and no b.s that makes paying for network a pain?

That’s what Karma Go is all about. It's a tiny device that works like a Wi-Fi hotspot for almost all your devices. You can take it wherever you go and it will help you connect to the internet from anywhere within the country. On today’s deals, Karma Go is just $99 ($50 slashed from its usual $149 price-tag). Click here to grab the Karma Go right away or read on to know more.

Karma Go Pocket-sized Wi-Fi

Pocket-Sized Karma Go

Karma Go is a tiny device. It’s basically pocket-sized that makes it easy to carry it with you, wherever you go. What it does, though, is spectacular.

It’s an LTE device that connects wirelessly to Karma LTE and becomes a Wi-Fi hotspot. You can then connect up to 8 devices to this instant hotspot. All of that’s done wirelessly and there are absolutely no hassles in setting up and connecting to Karma Go.

With Karma Go, you will no longer be hunting for Wi-Fi. Fancy as it sounds, this is really helpful when your internet is down at home or when you want to work at the park, or in a cafe where there’s no / poor Wi-Fi.

No-Contracts, No-Nonsense Pricing

The best part about Karma Go is not just portability.

Karma Go works on pay-as-you-go. No contracts to sign up for, no nonsensical pricing charts to break your heads on and no complications at all. Data charges are like $9.99 – $14 per GB. You pay for what you will use.

If you have some data remaining in your account, it stays forever. You can come back later and use up that data without worrying about it expiring.

Share to Earn More Data

What’s even more interesting is that when you share the Wi-Fi, you will earn bonus data. Every time you share your Karma Go’s Wi-Fi, you are earning 100MB free data. By sharing, you are only letting the other person use the Wi-Fi and not your data. Since Karma Go can connect to and support up to 8 devices, you can easily share your Wi-Fi without worrying about limits.


Weighs: 56grams / 2.3oz
Battery: 5 hrs (usage) / 220 hrs (standby)
Wi-Fi: supports max speeds up to 54Mbps

How Much

For data, you pay as you go. It works like pre-paid.

The device costs $149 but for a limited time you can grab it for $99. Not just that, if you buy it now, you will also get 200MB free data. Arguably, not a huge value but it’s still something.

Click here to pre-order Karma Go right now. It's a pre-order sale; the device starts shipping out in December 2014.