How smart would it be to be notified when one of your friends is near your location so you can meet up instantly? In an age when digital communication has actually lessened people catching up face-to-face, this sounds cool.

And that's precisely what Kaboo, a new iPhone app wants to do. Launched recently on the app store, Kaboo notifies you when one of your friends is near you. This way, you can instantly catch up even if for a short time instead of saying, “I was there too!” later.

Location-based apps are the hottest things but there's a huge problem now: the app store is saturated with  similar apps that promise nothing new and provide almost the same features.

Kaboo iPhone App

While Foursquare came up, things were new in the check-in scene but that's old-news now. And most of the apps that are available aren't particularly solving some problem that we don't even know exists.

Kaboo caught our attention just because the idea felt novel although a few apps have tried to solve this concept before. Kaboo does one thing beautifully:it helps people meet face-to-face when they are nearby. It doesn't matter where. If your location and one of your friends' location is close by, it will let you know so you can meet your friend.

The app is pretty simple and quite catchy for people who don't miss an opportunity to meet their friends.

The general opinion that smartphones and internet technology (social websites) keep us connected more than before has actually been refuted many times in what is called the loneliness of connectivity.

I think Kaboo is one of the few apps that tries to bridge this irony. If things go well for Kaboo, it should add great value to people's lives. You never know how many times one of your friends is somewhere near you.

The best news? Kaboo is free.

Download Kaboo

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