Jury iPhone and Android App: Reviewing The Virtual Court

jury iphone and android app review

Whether an argument is small or massive, it can affect both your personal & professional sanity. The toughest job of all is to resolve it fairly and squarely. And while you can’t always go to the court, you can choose to resolve disputes in a virtual court via Jury App. Completed with Jury members, this simple yet intelligent iOS & Android app can help you get to a settlement for arguments, legal matters, and other issues.

Jury iPhone and Android App Review

The best way to resolve any dispute is to consult a neutral third-party, someone who can listen to both sides of the story and then make an informed decision.

But where would you find a genuinely unbiased person? Here is where the Jury app can come in handy. Whether a fight between roommates, business partners, or a couple, Jury can provide a nonbinding verdict via a virtual courthouse.

No need to file a case, hire lawyers, or visit the courtroom for every argument. You can settle out of court with a full-fledged unbiased Jury.

How Does Jury App Work?

In simple terms, Jury helps you litigate disputes virtually with a jury of your peers. Once the ‘case’ is registered, the app allows both plaintiff and defendant to select six jurors each.

create jury on app to judge case

If you want, a random set of jurors can also be selected and appointed to avoid bias. Hailing from any part of the world, these jurors pledge to listen to each side’s story and then vote accordingly.

Quite like the actual trial, each party can have their say, give arguments, and present evidence and exhibits to support their case. The jurors can view the case details and ask the plaintiff and/or defendant questions.

upload case evidence to jury app

Other jurors can also view these queries and their responses. After a thorough study of the case and discussion, they can cast their vote.

Note: If you love resolving disputes, you can also nominate yourself to be a part of the jury. While this will not help you get off the hook from the real-life jury duty, it can certainly help someone.

become juror and resolve disputes on jury app

The Easy-to-Use UI

One of the notable things about the Jury app is it’s simple, helpful, well-organized, and professional interface. Every information is properly arranged under tabs and easily accessible. Let me explain with examples:

My Cases: As suggested by the title, you can access all ongoing and past cases from here, whether you are a Plaintiff, Defendant, or Juror on the case.

All Cases: For references or to test the app’s mettle, you can view all ongoing and past public cases under this tab.

Invitations: This section holds the invite you have sent & received, and the status of the said requests.

So on and so forth, a Notifications, My Profile, and Settings tabs keep everything in the app clean and pristine.

Who Can Use the App?

You, me, or anyone… The online dispute resolution system can handle contract negotiations, homely disputes, and even monetary claims. So, as long as you have an issue that needs a neutral sources’ opinion, the app is pretty helpful.

However, the Jury lends ‘nonbinding arbitration,’ i.e., it just suggests the right way out. It can’t push anyone to abide by the verdict, but it can surely lend both parties twelve perspectives to what’s fair.

Final Verdict 

Perspective is a crucial element when resolving disputes, and this app provides you with twelve unbiased opinions. Sometimes, especially in small matters between friends and family, this can be an eye-opener and relationship-saver.

As for a bit intensive, money, or contract related cases, this might be a great mid-way. Both parties have to spend just $5 to register the case and have a chance at an out-of-court settlement.

Not only convenient, but Jury also helps you save the lawyer and court fee as well. And as explained above, the app has a beautiful and organized UI, so it’s a win-win situation, according to us.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $0.99)

Download iOS App (Currently not available)

Download Android App

If you have had a chance to explore the Jury app, do let us know about your experience in the comment section below.

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