With keyboard shortcuts, navigating tabs in a web browser is a bit faster. Times when I’m doing extensive web browsing, I prefer to use the shortcuts to switch between tabs conveniently. It’s pretty simple to do, and I guess many of you would be already aware of how they work.

But just in case you haven’t come across this smart web browsing tip, you’d really appreciate this quick way of jumping to the rightmost tab in any web browser like Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. Save it for the times where you want to make web browsing more seamless on your Mac or Windows PC. Now the pep talk is over, let’s give a try to it!

Quicky Jump to Rightmost Tab or Switch Between Tabs in Any Web Browser on Mac and Windows PC

To quickly access the rightmost Safari tab on your Mac, make sure you are running macOS High Sierra or later. Simply, press Command (⌘) – 9 and you will be taken to the tab that is on the far right in the Apple web browser.

To get it done in other web browsers like Chrome or Firefox on your Mac, use this same keyboard shortcut.

To do it in any web browser on your Windows PC, you need to use the Ctrl – 9 Shortcut. It works pretty fast and reliable.

What about Switching Between Tabs in Any Web Browser?

Switching between all open tabs in Safari or other web browsers is just as straightforward. All you need to do is hit Ctrl-1/Command (⌘) -1 shortcut to go to the tab 1, Ctrl-2/Command (⌘) -2 to access the tab 2 so on and so forth.

Stay Tuned In For More Such Cool Hacks…

There you go! That’s how you can enhance your web browsing experience on your computer. These shortcuts are easy to remember and work effectively. So, do keep them on your radar and use them as and when you need to make web browsing a bit more seamless.

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