Native Union has been producing some really cool and “hip” kind of products and accessories. The Jump, which was a Kickstarter product most recently, is one of the coolest things we’ve seen for iPhone users most recently.

To describe Jump as a charging cable would not be revealing its power as a mini-battery-pack. To describe it as a mini-battery-pack for your iPhone would not reveal its minimalism completely. Turns out Jump is as unique a product can get and when you realize what it really is, you’ll probably want one immediately.

Innovative Charging Cable and Mini Battery Pack for iPhone

Jump from Native Union is a small accessory that acts as a charging cable for your iPhone 5s/5 (and it can even charge your iPad but it will be slow). The lightning cable is designed in a way that makes it easy to wrap the cables around the square and keep them from becoming tangled. That’s one big benefit.

Jump A Cool Portable Battery Pack and Charging Cable Combo for iPhone 5s

But Jump is not just a charging cable that can effectively replace or act as a spare for the official charging cable that came along with your iPhone 5s. In fact, for what it can do, you’ll want to carry Jump more than the original cable. Here’s why.

Jump iPhone Charging Cable for iPhone 5s and 5

Hidden inside Jump is a battery pack that can charge your iPhone 5s/5 to about 30% battery power. When you charge your iPhone through Jump, after iPhone’s fully charged, Jump will charge itself. And you can use this charge to power up your iPhone when it’s low on the battery bar.

Obviously, Jump is not a full-fledged battery pack. I have to concur with the product designer who says in the Kickstarter video of the product that battery packs are not really very portable and the battery cases are bulky and kind of distort the look and feel of the sleek iPhone.

Jump - Portable Charging Cable for iPhone 5 and 5

Imagine going out in the evenings. You don’t want to be carrying something bulky just to make sure your iPhone stays alive the entire evening/night. The Jump is designed just for this purpose: it’s like a small topup of battery when your iPhone’s battery is in the low 20%. And since Jump also comes with the charging cable, you can plug-in to any power source anywhere.

Jump is so small that it can fit your pockets and you wouldn’t even know it’s there. And it’s effective because most of the time, when the iPhone’s battery is in the red zone, all you need is a little more juice. Jump provides just that.

Check out and pre-order Jump here.

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